Noran Neurological Clinic Case Study

Gaining a Strategic IT Business Partner

Noran Neurological Clinic is a full-service, multi-specialty neurology practice who have been providing comprehensive neurological services for over 45 years. With a staff of over 50 providers and 250 employees in their six Minnesota metropolitan locations, Noran is one of the largest independent neurology groups in the country.

Noran was using another cloud hosting provider that was running both their Centricity EHR and desktop applications. Noran did not have an in-house IT staff, so they relied heavily on this provider for IT strategy and support and to act as their outsourced IT department.


Brad Montgomery, Executive Director, joined Noran in 2011. At that time, Noran had been using this hosting provider for a few years but Montgomery quickly came to realize that Noran was experiencing pains with their current IT setup. “When walking around the office, a good part of my day was spent listening to providers and staff complain about their IT issues,” Montgomery said.

Noran faced many IT challenges, but Montgomery felt their primary pain points with this vendor were:

  • Lack of proper IT support, which caused a loss in user productivity
  • Inexperience with their specialty EHR application (GE Centricity) and Noran’s complex environment
  • No partnership built, which led to a lack in trust
  • The incumbent provider was not growing fast enough to service and support Noran’s growth

Considering the IT pains Noran was experiencing, Montgomery felt it was time to look at alternative providers.


Montgomery reached out to Netgain because he knew Netgain was a trusted resource for other healthcare organizations. He had peers who were using Netgain, some of which had been using Netgain’s services for 10+ years, and they were all highly satisfied with the support and partnership they had built with Netgain. “A driving force for Noran was experience with our Centricity EHR. Noran doesn’t have an out-of-the-box EHR and we needed to find a provider who was willing to put the resources into understanding our EHR and environment,” Montgomery said.

After careful consideration, Noran moved forward with Netgain in 2012. Netgain now hosts Noran’s Centricity EHR and desktop applications, as well as provides on-site support for Noran’s staff. “I met with Netgain leaders who offered a lot of good insight as we were looking at our options. In the end, I felt that Netgain offered the true partnership I was looking for,” Montgomery said.


Access to Client Care Team

Noran now has access to a dedicated support team that is focused on keeping Noran’s staff as productive as possible. Netgain’s support team is organized into teams that specialize in specific areas, especially Centricity, their EHR application. Netgain has become a reliable resource for Noran’s large staff.

Netgain also has field service staff who work on-site at Noran to support their end users.

Specialization in healthcare and Centricity EHR

Netgain’s experience in healthcare was important to Noran when looking at alternative hosting providers. Noran has been pleased to see that Netgain really has the skillset and knowledge needed to support their complex environment and Centricity EHR application. “With the previous provider, there were concerns whenever we needed to perform Centricity updates. Since we’ve been with Netgain, we now trust that Netgain will take care of these updates without any issues,” Montgomery said.

Strategic Business Partner

Noran has gained peace of mind knowing their IT is taken care of and can now focus on growing their practice. They have gained the partnership they were looking for and feel confident that Netgain is on top of things. “Before Netgain, IT was an agenda item in every board meeting we had. This is no longer the case; IT is never a discussion topic since we no longer experience the issues we used to experience. Now when I walk the halls, I rarely hear anyone talk about any IT issues they might be experiencing,” Montgomery said.

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With the previous provider, there were concerns whenever we needed to perform Centricity updates. Since we’ve been with Netgain, we now trust that Netgain will take care of these updates without any issues.
-Brad Montgomery, Executive Director