Hybrid Cloud

An Integrated Cloud Solution for Your Organization

Sometimes onsite IT assets need to remain at your clinic while some IT assets are best moved to the cloud. Our Hybrid Cloud integrates both locations into a single computing platform so administration is easy and user access is seamless. We work with you to assess your different data types and help you plan your adoption of the cloud.



Not all organizations have the same cloud needs. IT assets and on-site IT capabilities vary making an integrated cloud the optimal solution. The hybrid cloud gives your organization the flexibility to create your ideal IT environment.


Security and Support

Netgain works with your organization to establish a security policy that covers your entire IT environment so all IT assets conform to regulations. Your important patient information is secured, and backed by ongoing monitoring and maintenance.


Cost Effective

Deliver cost savings to your organization by distributing your workloads across different cloud environments. Your organization can maintain the high level of availability and security needed for your patients’ ePHI while benefiting from less expensive cloud solutions for workloads that don’t require as much control.

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QuoteNetgain isn’t just an IT vendor. They brought the conversation to a strategic level and have guided me through the various aspects of outsourcing IT, helping me understand what I need to be thinking about.
-Sue Wilkus, Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates