G^IN: Superior User Experience

Calling IT support is usually a big headache for users. They wait on hold forever and are belittled by demeaning IT support staff, only to wait even longer for the issue to be resolved. It doesn’t have to be this way. At all. Ever. Your users deserve to walk away from a support call not traumatized and frustrated, but elated and relieved.

Learn how you can G^IN a superior user experience:

Support staff who listen.  Our friendly support staff truly care about getting your user’s IT issue resolved quickly and painlessly, and that starts with listening to your user’s problem and knowing the right questions to ask. In the midst of an IT incident, our staff remain calm, cool and collected, which puts your users at ease in a stressful situation.

Plan English explanations.  Our support team is fluent in speaking non-techy, and will help your users understand the issue and resolution at whatever technical level they’re comfortable with. If they’re more advanced technical users, our support team will walk them through the specifics. If the users aren’t as technically savvy, our support team will explain the situation in plain English.

100% US-based support. We’ve all had challenging support calls that were handled poorly by an overseas help desk. When you’re calling for support, you’re already frustrated by an IT issue, the last thing you want is the situation to be complicated by a language barrier. Our support team is 100% US-based, many of whom are based in our headquarters in beautiful (and friendly) St. Cloud, Minnesota.

  • Quote

    We are a few years into our service agreement with Netgain and it is clear we made the right decision in hiring them. The services they provide beyond hosting are impressive. We are especially pleased with their depth of knowledge around security and compliance.

  • QuoteThe professionalism and expertise that Netgain brings to the management of our computer operations gives us confidence that systems will be available when we need them. Netgain does things right and it comes out in the end in terms of reliability and performance.

  • QuoteNetgain isn’t just an IT vendor. They brought the conversation to a strategic level and have guided me through the various aspects of outsourcing IT, helping me understand what I need to be thinking about.”

  • QuoteNetgain helped us transition into our current environment, with many intricate systems and requirements! They continue to support all of our multifaceted IT needs. The support team is friendly and knowledgeable, and make complex technical tasks look easy! We wouldn’t go anywhere else for IT!

  • QuoteNetgain provided us with a sense of security because their solutions exceed the standards and requirements set forth by HIPAA.

  • QuoteWe have been working with Netgain since 2009. We started with hosting and Netgain’s services have grown with our needs. No matter what we have asked for, Netgain has been happy to deliver. They are a dynamic company and work with us at every opportunity to meet our technology goals.

Specialized solutions that will relieve any IT pain.

Healthcare IT Cloud

Our full-feature Healthcare IT Cloud gives your practice everything it needs for a secure, fast and mobile experience for your users from customized EHR hosting to an all-in-one IT infrastructure.


Financial IT Cloud

Netgain’s Financial IT Cloud is the premier solution for CPA and RIA firms that require the most stringent security protocols and optimized application hosting inside a robust IT environment.