2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

The holiday season is here and if you’re like us, you haven’t yet finished your holiday shopping and you’re stuck on just a few, hard-to-buy-for people.

We’ve found that tech gifts are in high demand, but a little hard to buy. At Netgain, our entire team is passionate about technology (it’s one of our hiring requirements!). So, to help ease your holiday stress, we’ve checked in with some of our Netgainers and asked what’s on their holiday wishlists this year.

Enjoy a little gift-giving inspiration!

1. Ring Doorbell
As the concept of the Connected Home gains in popularity, many of our technologists are asking for (or already purchased) the Ring Doorbell. This doorbell connects to your Wi-Fi and alerts you, wherever you are, when someone is at your front door. From your mobile device, you can view a log of door bell rings, be alerted when motion is detected and view a livestream of your front door. Our Netgainers love this device for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s a nice way to see when their kids get home from school and for others who travel a lot, it’s an easy way to increase the level of security at their home.

Priced at around $200, the device is a home run for people looking to increase their home security without paying the monthly fee of a home-security system.

2. Microsoft Surface Pro
After a few iterations of the product, our networking Team Lead Keith Anderson says Microsoft has finally perfected the Surface Pro. Now faster and with longer battery life, this compact computer takes full advantage of the new features of Windows 10 in an easy-to-carry format. Keith recommends you pick the model with storage capabilities that will meet your long-term needs, as it’s very difficult to add storage later.

Microsoft has been running great specials on their Surface Pros during this holiday season and depending on the specifications, they start at $799.

3. Belkin Wireless Charging Pad
Do you find yourself plugging in your phone at night, wiggling the cord, unplugging it and trying again? Us too. Jack Ryan, a Senior Account Manager at Netgain, loves this wireless charging pad for his devices. It’s compatible with both Apple and Samsung devices and effectively charges through most cases.

The charging pad is priced at $60, making it a perfect gift for anyone on your list with a mobile device (everyone!).

4. NEST Wireless Thermostat
The Nest Wireless Thermostat works along with your home automation platform and quickly learns your temperature preferences within a week. Nest also turns down your temperature when no one is home to conserve energy. Controlled by your tablet, mobile device or Alexa, Nest touts that it is proven to save households money on their energy bill.

Priced around $230, Nest is one of the more expensive smart-thermostats on the market, but is well worth it, according to Rukshan Wijeratne, an IT Project Manager at Netgain.

5. Tile Key Finder
This product is heaven-sent for the forgetful people on your list. While it’s been made to help you find yours keys, you can also attach the Tile Key Finder to other commonly-misplaced items. The key finder connects wirelessly to an app on your phone that allows you to activate a ringing sound on your lost item. It also allows you to view a map of where the item was last connected.

The Tile Key Finder starts at around $25. You also have the option to purchase a multi-pack that allows you to track multiple devices with the same app.

6. Bluetooth Headphones
Many of our Netgainers have Bluetooth Headphones on their holiday wishlist this year. Phil, our Director of Marketing, is also a triathlete and wireless headphones are on his list so he can be free from the restraints of cords while running and cycling.

There are hundreds of Bluetooth headphones available that are priced as low as $20.

7. 1Password Subscription
We all have so many passwords to remember, right? Target, Amazon, your bank, email and iTunes, just to name a few personal ones. At work, you have another set of passwords. Complex passwords are always strongly encouraged and often required. So, how can you possibly remember those unique characters? 1Password securely stores your passwords and allows you to log into sites with a single click.

Our Security Team has been buying subscriptions to 1Password for all their friends and family to use at work and home. With an annual sticker-price of $35, the protection it offers is more than worth it.

What technology gadgets do you have on your holiday wishlist?

Happy Holidays from your Netgain team!

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