Unlock the True Value of the Cloud

Drive Efficiencies

Free up valuable staff, reduce depreciating capital expenses, and insulate yourself from risk by outsourcing IT to a partner that can move quickly and in line with your business needs.

Maximize Productivity

Increase flexibility for your staff–and expand capacity for a seamless remote work experience–without sacrificing performance, workflows, or familiar applications.

Accelerate Growth

Rely on an agile IT infrastructure that can quickly adapt to changing business conditions–whether it’s an acquisition, the roll-out of new services, or unforeseen economic environments.

A Strategic Partner to Accounting, Healthcare, and Legal

We’ve invested decades supporting accounting, healthcare, and legal clients, fostering strong partnerships with leading industry-specific solution providers. As a result, our internal experts not only understand IT, but also your business–and the applications you use daily.

CPA Cloud

We deliver secure, reliable IT cloud infrastructure so firms can unlock operational efficiencies through integration & automation.

Healthcare Cloud

Modernizing information technology, securing patient data, and unlocking efficiency.

Legal Cloud

The cloud platform and managed IT services we provide enable technology at hundreds of law firms throughout the US.

Modernize Your IT Today

Azure Managed Services

We manage and monitor your cloud investments to optimize costs and performance so you can better predict your IT costs and get back to focusing on your core business.

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Data Protection Services

Our clients confidently know their environment will be available when they need it, no matter what.

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IT Services

From complete ITaaS to the pieces and parts that make up our solutions, our expertise drives increased efficiency, cost savings, and layered security for our clients.

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Fortify your security posture with multiple layers of protection. Eliminate threats and reduce risk with a security defense-in-depth model.

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Nexus360 XDRTM

Empowering organizations against evolving cyber threats through cutting-edge AI-based technology and expert human intervention.

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Workforce Productivity

Netgain’s Workforce Productivity service promotes organizational and employee productivity by utilizing tools that facilitate secure, compliant employee collaboration and communications for your remote work scenario.

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