2018 Holiday Tech Gift Guide – What Netgainers are Wishing for This Year



2018 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

It’s that magical time of year! The malls are bustling, the kids are crazy with excitement, the UPS and FedEx trucks are racing and the internet is slammed with shopping traffic.

We’ve received so much positive feedback from our Tech Gift Guides from previous years that we thought we’d do it again!

Everyone knows this year’s most popular tech gifts are the Amazon Echo, Apple Watch and the Nest Doorbell. But our Netgainers take their tech gifts to the next level. Without further ado, here are this season’s must-have gifts for the tech-lover in your life!

  1. Snap Power Outlet Covers – Though David O’Keefe, VP of Technology, says he has mostly woodworking tools on his gift list for projects around the house, his favorite tech gift is the Snap Power outlet covers. They’re an awesome way to introduce nightlights all around the house without taking up an outlet or wiring new lights. They replace the existing plates and only take about 15 seconds to install, David says. They provide a nice, soft light that lets David, his kids and guests safely navigate around the house after dark without ever turning on lights. Also, because they are LEDs, they only cost pennies per year to operate.
  2. Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Carry-On – Netgain’s Clinical IT Specialist, Chris Dean, travels frequently in her role. The hustle and bustle of traveling means that a traditional wall charger is not always convenient or accessible. This year, Chris is hoping for a suitcase with a built-in phone charger. This Victorinox carry-on suitcase has an integrated multi-tool (pen, sim card replacement tool, ID tag) with a USB port in addition to a practical interior pocket for a portable power pack connecting to the USB adapter.
  3. Mirror Defogger – Keith Anderson, Netgain’s Networking Lead admits that he didn’t wait for Christmas to buy and install his favorite tech gift this year. Annoyed daily by a foggy mirror that takes 10 minutes to de-fog, Keith set out to find a solution – and he loves the time savings it brings to his morning! The next step, Keith said, is an LED-lit mirror that has an anti-fogging mechanism built in.
  4. Tile Mate – Phil Wocken, Netgain’s Director of Marketing, loves the Tile Mate tracker that makes it easy for him to keep track of his keys, wallet, phone or gym bag. With the Tile Mate app, you’ll be able to easily track your lost items and even trigger an alarm to lead you to your lost items. And, if you misplace your phone as often as most people, you can simply double-click the Tile Mate remote button and the phone will ring – even if it’s on silent! 
  5. Roomba iRobot Vacuum with WiFi – In Todd DeWenter’s newly-built home, he had the opportunity to include a lot of smart-home features like Ring Doorbell, a smart garage door opener and Nest thermostat. He can control the climate and accessibility of his home right from his phone. And now, he can remotely clean his home as well. Todd’s favorite gift-worthy technology is the Roomba Robot vacuum with WiFi Connectivity. His Roomba allows him to clean, schedule and customize cleaning preferences right from his smartphone. It even provides a map to view where it has already cleaned and the ability to set cleaning status notifications.

Isn’t technology awesome?! It’s always fun to see how technology changes from year to year and how it helps us in our daily lives. Consumers are adopting technology at a break-neck pace and show no signs of slowing down. We have no doubt next year will bring new technologies we haven’t even thought of yet.

Happy Holidays from your team of Netgain technology geeks!