2019 Holiday Tech Gift Guide – Top Tech Gifts for Your Techie

According to Business News Daily, while millions of Americans are anticipated to spend several billion dollars at retailers like they did last year, researchers at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) say that the latest gadgets and tech gifts will dominate the market.

At Netgain, we’ve made it a tradition of sorts to report on what our tech-savvy Netgainers have on their tech Christmas list. Over the years, it’s been fun to see the evolution of technology and to see which gifts make the list two years in a row!

Bill Sorenson – VP of Strategy FinTech – CISO

Bill is a tech lover, and has some great, practical tech gifts on his holiday wish list. This Amazon Smart Plug would allow Bill to control his outlet from his phone, wherever he is. Powered by Amazon’s Alexa, he could voice control the outlet’s power as well.

One of the most unique and practical tech gifts our Netgainers have come up with are these Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Hats.  For walking in to work, running outside, or just being out and about, this hat allows you to connect the built-in headphones to your phone and enjoy the music without finding your earbuds and having your hat mess with them.

Another unique tech gift on Bill’s wishlist is the Wi-Fi Light Strip. Powered by your phone or your Amazon Alexa device, these lights can add fun and functionality in almost any area of your home!

Josh Bilitz – Sr Manager, Sales Operations & Channel Development

Josh would love an Apple Watch to help with fitness tracking and to hopefully keep him on an exercise regimen. He also thinks it would be nice to leave his phone behind when he’s out on a walk or bike ride, but still have access to his music and maps.

An admitted Apple fan, Josh also has an iPad Pro on his wishlist. He’d love to have the iPad Pro as a personal computing device to enjoy movies on flights, additional monitor when he’s traveling, and watching sports when his wife doesn’t want them on the TV.

Ryan Faith – Manager, Client Implementations

The world’s newest streaming service, Disney+, is reportedly adding one million new subscribers every single day.  Ryan hopes to be one of those million this holiday season. A great option to keep his kiddos occupied and entertained, Disney+ boasts of endless options!

The newest offering in gaming, the Nintendo Switch, offers entertainment for the whole family while you’re at home or on the go – with friends or alone. The games can be played on a TV screen, in a handheld mode, or on a tabletop. Ryan knows the Switch would provide unlimited family fun.

Paul Larson – Lead Systems and Datacenter Operations Engineer

For home security, the Ring doorbell offers features that provide peace of mind while he’s at work or away. While he says he hasn’t had problems in the past, it would be nice to have the ability to see who’s there and to make sure any of those Amazon shipments don’t disappear!

The Google Nest offers problem free connectivity around the house, especially in the problem areas of Paul’s home that don’t get a decent signal from his existing router. Nest boasts a “helpful home,”  with features like home assistance, safety and security, entertainment, and energy and lighting.  Paul says the nest would be ideal to have in place when he’s working from home or for those late nights taking care of tickets to keep Netgain clients happy and their technology running as it should.

Lastly, Paul is hoping for a Fitbit Versa under his Christmas tree for tracking health metrics.  In his role, he says he sits most of the day, and he’d like something that keeps him accountable to moving and getting regular exercise and activity.

The 26th Annual Consumer Technology Purchase Patterns study found that not only do 74% of U.S. adults plan to spend money on tech gifts this year, but they will spend $97.1 billion in the process.

As you shop this year, what tech gifts will be on your list for yourself or loved ones?

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