3 Key Arguments for Moving Your Practice to a Cloud Hosting Environment

Technology practices must rise to the challenge of handling data security and managing costs in the evolving healthcare industry.  Practices unsure of adopting cloud computing solutions must consider the long-term costs and risks of not moving to the cloud.  While on-site systems grow more expensive to maintain, the agility and efficiency of cloud hosting from Netgain provides a secure, dynamic solution with elements tailored specifically to healthcare.

Let’s examine the 3 crucial reasons health practices should adopt a cloud strategy:

Cost comparisons: cloud vs. in-house

The argument for cloud computing often begins with cost efficiency, for good reason: moving the cloud has exceptionally low implementation costs and the ongoing fees are scalable and easily managed.

Maintaining the practice’s current system comes with considerable costs.  Though the equipment may have been paid for long ago, the hardware and software all needs frequent updates.  Whereas Netgain automates and integrates updates for your practice, an old on-premise system needs frequent purchases and many of hours of labor to incorporate the updates.

Cloud computing costs:

  • Very low upfront costs.
  • Monthly bills that scale to usage.
  • Updates are automated and often free.

In-house IT costs:

  • Large outlays for hardware and software.
  • Expensive replacements and upgrades to stay current with technology.
  • Labor spent maintaining and operating the system.
  • Storage space, air conditioning for servers, etc.

Managing your data security and compliance

The cloud offers the safest, most secure, and most easily compliant computing environment for healthcare practices.  Netgain uses the cloud to leverage the most advanced technologies available while taking care of data risk management, ongoing HIPAA compliance, and secure, dynamic EMR systems.

Creating an ironclad computing system on-site requires massive amounts of IT labor and equipment.  Cloud systems let your practice focus on patient care while knowing that patient records and your entire system rest securely on remote servers—protected from data breaches, human error, and even natural disasters.

Cloud computing from Netgain takes care of key issues for healthcare security and compliance:

  • Implement industry-standard EMR systems.
  • Secure data to HIPAA standards.
  • Maintain data records in case of audit.
  • Handle security without dedicated IT staff on-site.
  • Automate updates and advances for security protocols.
  • Keep up with government mandates and requirements.

Leveraging the power of our IT personnel expertise

Small and medium practices—and even many larger offices—can rarely afford the IT staff needed to handle all computing on-site.

In a dynamic industry with constantly changing needs and regulations, your IT department must keep updated with technology but healthcare practices as well.  Your internal IT staff can focus on what they do best while integrating our industry expertise through cloud hosting.

Cloud computing frees up resources to devote to other areas of the practice while enjoying first-class information technology at your fingertips.  Move to the cloud if the demands of your practice overwhelm your IT staff, or if you cannot afford the amount of staff needed to improve and modernize your computing system.  Netgain even assigns a Virtual Chief Security Officer to oversee your practice’s move to efficient, compliant computing.

Cloud hosting improves and benefits your IT department:

  • Receive healthcare technology expertise from a trusted provider.
  • Maintain only the internal IT staff that your practice can afford.
  • Keep the focus on patient care, not scrambling to keep up with health technologies.
  • Rely on your vCSO from Netgain to ensure the security of your cloud solution.


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