5 Reasons Why Healthcare IT Consultants Partner with Netgain

Hospitals and Health Networks reports that management consulting is a $20 billion sector in the U.S. healthcare industry. “Hospitals, health systems, post-acute providers, medical device and drug manufacturers, insurers, medical groups and others routinely look to consultants for counsel or specialized, project management expertise,” they report.

Over the past few years, healthcare practices have been forced to produce more while operating with less. New practice initiatives and concerns are popping up each day, like Big Data, cybersecurity, EHR upgrades and implementation, analytics and telehealth, just to name a few.

Practice administration often turns to healthcare consultants to help maximize the practice’s time, budget and processes. Healthcare consultants play a significant role in the progress of our healthcare system and the transformation of patient care.

Netgain has worked with dozens of healthcare IT consultants in just about every facet of clinical IT. By combining our unique strengths, we’re advancing healthcare IT together.


  1. Clinical operations expertise
    Consultants find comfort and confidence in Netgain’s almost 20 years of experience working with healthcare practices. By supporting and studying thousands of client-clinic locations, we understand the organizational structure, how users in different departments use the system and how to bring order to a complex IT environment.
  2. “Team” mentality
    Candy Simerson, Principal Consultant with iCandy Consulting, says she appreciates Netgain’s “team” mentality. “I never have to worry that Netgain is going to go off on their own or not keep me in the loop,” she says. “They work effectively with myself, my client and any other partners who may be on the project.”
  3. Clinical product experience
    “Netgain has developed a high-level of expertise with many of my clients’ software products,” says William Whelehan, Managing Director of ClaraMD. “They may not know every detail of how it works, but they know how my users use it, what affects its performance and how vital it is to my clients’ success. Netgain has invested in learning about specific EHRs and PMs to better serve their clients.”
  4. Ability to see the forest through the trees
    Healthcare IT can be complex, messy and confusing. There are endless moving parts, each connected to the other, that all affect the user experience and patient care. Netgain takes a holistic view of IT, evaluating the entire system, how it works together and how the users use it before making any recommendations.
  5. The “trust” factor
    “Netgain has proven themselves over and over again with my consultant firm and our clients,” Simerson says. “I know and trust they’ll make recommendations that are in the best interest of my clients. That’s not true for all service providers – but it is with Netgain.”

The strength of a consultant or consulting firm is often measured by the depth and breadth of their network. As a key IT partner in many healthcare consultants’ networks, Netgain is able to deliver tremendous value to consultants’ clients. The high degree of industry expertise and experience ensures the client receives the best possible outcome while also increasing the consultant’s credibility with their client.

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