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6 Benefits of Moving to the Cloud (Part 1)



There is no question that technological advances are being made at ever-increasing speeds.  If you’re in the business of providing health or financial services that fact may make you a little uneasy.  It’s one thing to provide quality care and healing, quite another to have to manage Information Technology (IT) systems that seem to change overnight while still providing excellent patient care.

With cloud computing, we take that worry off your hands.  You don’t have to fret about the details of complex IT pieces that have to fit together so you can focus on your practice or firm.  Here are three benefits that will make your decision of going to the cloud easy:

1. It’s Cost Effective – Instead of investing in on-site computing hardware and expensive software programs, you can leverage and outsource your IT efforts.  By outsourcing to a cloud-based IT vendor like Netgain, you provide your clinical applications and data and you’re able to budget for only the services you need; keeping costs down while maintaining control of your most important tasks. You can get a customized solution to fit your particular office structure, without having to go out and custom-design it yourself.

2. It’s Flexible & Scalable – Not all cloud computing softwares are equal.  Netgain offers the flexibility to add additional applications, provided by the client, that can be made available for when you need them implemented, providing a solution to your most complex IT problems.  If your in-house resources aren’t appropriate or are aging, an alternative can be cloud computing.  This can let you super-size resources when you need them and downgrade them once the need is over. Whether your application is demanding more resources or your practice or firm is growing, an expansions of services and physical presence in the community may require additional IT resources, that Netgain can provide.

3. It’s Secure & Reliable – Hacking attempts can be someone else’s headache when you use cloud computing.  Instead of spending time trying to fend off digital attacks, you can concentrate on your patient’s well-being.  Once you move your applications to the cloud, the company that manages your data is responsible for making sure it remains secure with highly-advanced system safeguards in place.  Cloud computing can keep needed IT health databases online 24/7 so that if there is a disaster that affects your particular geographic location, you can still access that information providing you can access the cloud.

Don’t get confused by the term “cloud computing.”  It’s not as nebulous as it sounds.  All it means is that we are willing to take your data and IT solution headaches from you, enabling you to concentrate on your real function, that of providing excellent healthcare or financial services to your patients.  By leveraging cloud computing, you can make your healthcare or financial facility have the same computer and IT power as a bigger hospital/medical center, all for a fraction of the cost.  We at Netgain would be happy to discuss with you how to get you started going on the cloud, today.