7 Stages of a Successful Cloud Migration

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In the last decade, businesses have learned that Cloud can unlock opportunities for growth, improved security, and cost savings. The same points that used to be objections to moving to the cloud are now drivers

Assembling Your Cloud Team

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As you evaluate your move to the cloud, you might be wondering how much effort is needed on your organization’s part.  How much of your time will the process take? What will you need to

8 Reasons to Choose Netgain As Your Cloud Partner

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IT partnerships have become more and more imperative to business success, especially in the healthcare and financial services industries. Data is highly regulated, incredibly confidential, and requires great levels of security. IT operations within these

Tips on Selecting a Cloud Management Partner

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We get this question a lot:: what exactly is cloud technology, anyway? Microsoft, the de facto standard in cloud delivery, defines cloud technology as “the delivery of computing services—servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and