EZClaim Case Study

Gaining Confidence and Scalability

EZClaim is a medical billing software company based in Rochester, Michigan. Since opening their doors in 1997, EZClaim has specialized in developing, selling, and supporting their medical billing and scheduling practice management system. EZClaim serves small to medium size provider offices from all specialties.


EZClaim was using a provider to host their cloud-based medical billing software solution. EZClaim outsourced their application hosting and relied on their provider to handle any needs related to the hosting of their application.



The demand for EZClaim’s software was growing, which created opportunities as well as challenges. Because of the growing demand, they needed to expand but they were experiencing issues and limitations with their hosting provider. EZClaim’s main concerns with their hosting environment were:

  • No commercial infrastructure in place to handle growing demands
  • Downtime that impacted the availability of their software to providers
  • Limited knowledge to handle areas needing specialization
  • No SLA or disaster recovery plan in place



With the issues EZClaim was experiencing, it was time to look for a new hosting provider that could handle their growth and provide support they could rely on. After vetting a few different hosting providers, EZClaim selected Netgain as their new hosting provider for their SaaS (Software as a Service) model. EZClaim was immediately impressed with their choice.

“Choosing the right hosting provider was very important to the future success of EZClaim. When we partnered with Netgain, we knew we made the right choice. Netgain’s level of support and attention to detail is fantastic. When support is needed, we can count on Netgain taking care of us in a timely matter,” said Al Nagy, EZClaim President.

On top of offering high-touch Support Services, EZClaim was pleased that Netgain offered per-user-fees along with tiered pricing. This made pricing easy to understand and cost effective since they only pay for the services they need.




Since partnering with Netgain, EZClaim has experienced significant growth. When EZClaim first came to Netgain, they had 400 clients and 800 users. After three years of hosting with Netgain, EZClaim now has 800 clients and 1600 users.

“Without Netgain, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. Not only have we doubled in size, we’ve also been able to implement changes that our clients are asking for,” said Andy Henry, EZClaim Service Desk Technician.

High Availability

Since moving to Netgain, EZClaim hasn’t experienced issues with downtime. EZClaim now has a high degree of confidence in their SaaS model. This renewed confidence has opened new doors for EZClaim. They now have added a portal and have upgraded existing customers to the cloud-based software.

Access to team of experts

EZClaim’s previous hosting provider didn’t have the expertise needed to resolve the problems they were encountering. With Netgain, EZClaim has access to specialists that they can reach directly, or they can route questions through their dedicated Account Manager who works on EZClaim’s behalf. EZClaim can now focus on their medical software and clients instead of their hosting platform.

“Being able to rely on Netgain team members who have experience working with partners that serve healthcare organizations is a very important part of our relationship. They are an extension of our technology department, always willing to provide ideas or knowledge in areas such as our portal or HIPAA security,” Nagy said.

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan

EZClaim’s data is hosted at Netgain, giving them assurance that their clients can access the information they need. There are processes and procedures in place in case a disaster occurs and Netgain performs to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that details client service uptime, disaster recovery procedures, support staff availability, and maintenance windows.

“Netgain has always been very proactive, making any necessary hardware or resource upgrades in advance. We no longer need to worry about our hosting environment, we know it’s taken care of,” Nagy said.

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QuoteWithout Netgain, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. Not only have we doubled in size, we’ve also been able to implement changes that our clients are asking for.
-Andy Henry, EZClaim Service Desk Technician.