Neighborhood Healthcare Case Study

Hosting for Health Centers

Neighborhood Healthcare began as an all-volunteer neighborhood clinic and now has 11 health centers located throughout San Diego and Riverside counties with over 600 staff members. As a private, non-profit community health organization, they serve their community by providing medical, dental, and behavioral health visits to over 65,000 people annually.


Neighborhood Healthcare was using a hosting provider to host their eClinicalWorks EHR and running the rest of their desktop applications internally.



Neighborhood Healthcare’s EHR performance was suffering in their current hosting environment, impacting their provider’s ability to treat patients. The infrastructure was not built to the minimum standards of their EHR provider, resulting in daily reports of performance degradation.

Neighborhood Healthcare was calling their hosting provider’s support frequently to resolve issues. They requested that their environment be reviewed and necessary updates be made but their hosting provider did not offer a flexible environment to add more capacity and accommodate the needed infrastructure changes.

Neighborhood Healthcare knew it was time to look at alternatives for their IT environment to alleviate the pain points they were experiencing.



Neighborhood Healthcare contacted Netgain because they knew Netgain was experienced in hosting eClinicalWorks for other healthcare clients. It was also important for Neighborhood Healthcare to find an IT provider who had a strong understanding of health centers’ unique IT needs.

After looking into different hosting options, Neighborhood Healthcare chose Netgain’s Private Cloud to host their eClinicalWorks EHR. The combination of Netgain’s knowledge and experience in hosting eClinicalWorks and their flexible Private Cloud hosting made Netgain an ideal candidate.

“Netgain had a very organized onboarding process. A Project Manager was assigned to coordinate and update us as the migration was taking place,” said Marina Lomeli, IT Director at Neighborhood Healthcare.

Netgain is now providing cloud-based clinical computing environments to over 20 other healthcare centers in southern California who were experiencing similar performance issues.




Highly Available Infrastructure

Neighborhood Healthcare is no longer experiencing any performance issues.

“Since moving to Netgain, we’ve had zero instances of freezing and slowness reported, which is a major decrease from an almost daily occurrence. We have had very happy providers since our transition to Netgain,” said Lomeli.

Netgain’s proven experience has given Neighborhood Healthcare the confidence that their IT infrastructure is stable. They no longer need to invest time in troubleshooting issues with their hosted eClinicalWorks EHR.

Resources & Expertise

With Netgain, Neighborhood Healthcare has access to a team of IT specialists that support the hosted IT infrastructure and ongoing needs. Netgain’s support is organized into teams that specialize in specific healthcare areas, one being eClinicalWorks.

“Netgain worked closely with our eClinicalWorks vendor during the onboarding process to make sure we had the best infrastructure available and it’s proved to be beneficial with the improvements we’ve seen,” said Lomeli.

Flexibility to Change

With the on-demand resources available at Netgain, Neighborhood Healthcare is able to make adjustments to their environment whenever the need arises. The healthcare field experiences rapid technological changes, and Netgain provides Neighborhood Healthcare with the flexibility to adapt to the fast-moving landscape.

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QuoteSince moving to Netgain, we’ve had zero instances of freezing and slowness reported, which is a major decrease from an almost daily occurrence. We have had very happy providers since our transition to Netgain.

-Marina Lomeli, IT Director at Neighborhood Healthcare