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Cloud Based CPA Firms Meet Remote Work Demands in COVID-19 Crisis



The cloud has enabled firms to quickly pivot to a near 100% remote workforce without losing operational efficiency.

Many firms nationwide invested in the public cloud (Microsoft Azure) to support their strategic vision of working from anywhere. While not planning for this pandemic, they had planned for the ability to scale their operations for growth, flexibility, productivity, and increased cybersecurity leveraging a high performance, no downtime platform.

These firms, both large and small, were able to make an easy transition to working from home as state governments issued “shelter in place” orders and guidelines.  Employees went home and were able to log into the same desktop they used in the office, keeping downtime and confusion to a minimum. This allowed firm leaders to put their employee’s safety and security first while knowing that their clients would also be taken care of during these difficult times.

One of our client’s shared the following experience:

“With the huge impact of COVID-19, one area our firm was ready with, was the ability to immediately have all our employees work from home.  By having Netgain and the Microsoft Azure environment in place, we were well prepared for this. Our clients continue to be served during this difficult time, and our employees are working productively from their homes. We had planned for this, hoping we’d never need it to this extent.” – Porte Brown LLC

The move to the cloud keeps operations nimble and flexible for many planned and unplanned business events. It allows firms to perform at a higher capacity thus driving organic growth and positions firms for growth through merger and acquisition. This type of innovative technology also helps attract and retain top talent at all levels including college graduates looking for the best tech and seasoned rainmakers looking for optimal flexibility. 

No matter the next crisis or economic malady, you will be prepared with the hyperscale cloud.  Talk with a Netgain representative today to better understand how to accelerate your growth prospects.