Cloud migration with Netgain
frees up your IT team.
gets you to the cloud faster.
saves you money.
is done securely.
ensures it's done right.

Netgain is your Stairway to the Cloud™

Worry-Free Cloud Migration

“Moving to the cloud” is easier said than done. If you have in-house resources and know-how capable of migrating your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, you might not need assistance, but for many other organizations, the thought of migrating to the cloud is daunting. With Netgain’s streamlined cloud migration process, we’ll bring your entire infrastructure out of the IT closet and into the cloud where you can realize all the advantages like reliability, security, redundancy, disaster recovery and more.

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If your in-house resources could take you to the cloud, it may require too much of their time and take them away from other strategic initiatives where their time is more valuable. In these cases, clients will ask us to migrate them to the cloud, even though they have the in-house resources to do it themselves.

Free Up In-House Resources

Ditch the Hardware

Migrating to the cloud lets you break free from the restrictive hardware refresh cycles that hold your capex dollars hostage. Use this as an opportunity to get your IT out of the closet and into the cloud and say goodbye to those server racks, once and for all.

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