Azure Managed Services

Outsourced Microsoft Azure management covers configuration of your footprint, monitoring, support, and evolution of Azure-based infrastructures. We offer transparent managed services to keep your Azure infrastructure secure, stable, optimized, cost-efficient, and deliver core application updates quickly.

We have the experience and knowledge you can count on to manage your entire cloud lifecycle. From managing workload migrations to constructing customized cloud solutions, our experts ensure your Azure environment is working the way you need it to.

Disaster recovery is a key tenant to a business’ ability to continue should there be a significant disaster. Netgain works closely with clients to validate all requirements, enable the technical solutions, and consistently test the recovery failover.

Providing Disaster Recovery via Netgain’s Data Protection Service has put clients at ease by ensuring that their environment will be available should there be a disaster. By methodically implementing solutions, testing with clients, and co-developing Runbooks 
(i.e., text Runbooks based on Windows PowerShell Workflow), Netgain continues to provide significant additional value beyond technology. 

Data Protection Services

IT Services

From complete ITaaS to the pieces and parts that make up our solutions, our expertise drives increased efficiency, cost savings, and layered security for our clients.   

As experts in the CPA, Legal, and Healthcare industries, we bring significant, specific value beyond just keeping the IT lights on.

Netgain provides IT–as–a–Service, Managed Services, and Professional Services for a large cross section of needs, with a laser focus on value and optimization. We work closely with our clients with a lens toward increasing their security, performance, and productivity stance. We work closely with them to fulfill their requirements so they can remain focused on their business process and strategy.  

From keeping up with data privacy laws to our comprehensive security controls, our top priority is keeping your data safe. We employ a layered security model using an integrated framework that encompasses security tools, people, and processes. 

We take a holistic approach to information security, implementing multilayered defense where perimeter, network, endpoint, application, and data protection security practices and procedures complement each other. 

Our security approach enables you to meet–and often exceed–compliance requirements while providing your staff with secure access to the information they need to do their jobs.

Security & Compliance

Nexus360 XDR

In an era of relentless cyber threats, organizations grapple with the daunting task of safeguarding their digital assets against increasingly sophisticated attacks. Traditional security measures fall short in the face of ever-evolving tactics employed by malicious actors. As a response to this pressing challenge, Netgain presents Nexus360 XDR, a solution designed to redefine the traditional cyber security approach.

At the heart of Nexus360 XDR lies a fusion of cutting-edge AI-based technology and expert human intervention. This combination forms a formidable defense mechanism against the dynamic landscape of cyber threats.

Netgain’s Workforce Productivity service promotes organizational and employee productivity by utilizing tools that facilitate secure, compliant employee collaboration and communications for your remote work scenario. 

By leveraging the complete value and offerings from Microsoft 365, Netgain helps your employees take advantage of the tools at their disposal. Incorporating closer communications, shared environments and documents, Teams channels, and automation, Netgain helps you deliver on the digital transformation promise; better productivity and a closer more communicative culture. 

Netgain is focused on the growth of our internal team development through in-depth training and distinguished certifications increases our expertise to lead your firm to benefit from Workforce Productivity tools. Netgain continues to build expertise in all Microsoft products and areas, Azure, security, and other specific products.

Workforce Productivity