Security Risk Analysis
protects your practice.
identifies vulnerabilities.
boosts your security posture.
satisfies ACI portion of MIPS.
stress-tests your security.

Protect your organization with a Netgain Security Risk Analysis

Every organization, big or small, should be aware of their most significant information security risks. Netgain delivers a Security Risk Analysis that identifies and addresses information security risks through a standardized, consistent and efficient process. This analysis empowers organizations to understand their information security risks and make informed decisions about how to best improve their information security posture.

Amidst increasing scrutiny from ONC/OCR around SRA attestations, a complete and comprehensive security risk analysis from Netgain protects your practice from compliance risks and helps you avoid reduced Medicare reimbursement or reduced MIPS incentives.

A security risk analysis provides a 360-degree deep dive into your organization to address critical gaps in security that can expose your practice to real threats like data breaches, ransomware, malware system outages and malicious insiders.

Each security risk analysis includes:

A measured scorecard

An easy-to-understand executive summary

A detailed technical report

Recommendations to achieve a “best practice” or “acceptable” level of risk

A comprehensive action plan

Comparisons to industry averages

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