Healthcare IT that
gives you peace of mind.
optimizes EHR performance.
protects your practice's data.
delivers speed and reliability.
keeps your providers happy.

Our fully-feature Healthcare IT Cloud gives your practice everything it needs for a secure, fast and mobile user experience.

EHR Hosting

We host over 50 EHR applications, as well as many healthcare specialty applications, so you’ll always get a dedicated environment designed for your specific needs.


Onsite Support

Our onsite solutions let you enjoy the benefits of a dedicated cloud solution and access to IT professionals while retaining some direct management of the on-premises infrastructure.



Escape restrictive and expensive hardware refresh cycles! Turn your complex infrastructure, desktop and licensing costs into a predictable, monthly expense that is scalable as you grow.



Rest easier when Netgain monitors and manages the day-to-day of your entire IT infrastructure: specialty applications, cybersecurity, desktops, telecom, devices, 24/7 support and more.


Healthcare IT Cloud Experts

  • Over 18 years in healthcare IT
  • Dedicated healthcare IT experts to keep current with industry trends, regulations, processes and software
  • We know the right questions to ask and issues to anticipate to ensure we build you the right-sized infrastructure for your practice’s needs
  • Dedicated Client Care Team to solve your IT pains with one call
  • Our entire staff attends rigorous and regular security and HIPAA trainings
  • Exceptional roster of reference clients in healthcare
  • Quote

    We are a few years into our service agreement with Netgain and it is clear we made the right decision in hiring them. The services they provide beyond hosting are impressive. We are especially pleased with their depth of knowledge around security and compliance.

  • QuoteThe professionalism and expertise that Netgain brings to the management of our computer operations gives us confidence that systems will be available when we need them. Netgain does things right and it comes out in the end in terms of reliability and performance.

  • QuoteNetgain isn’t just an IT vendor. They brought the conversation to a strategic level and have guided me through the various aspects of outsourcing IT, helping me understand what I need to be thinking about.”

  • QuoteNetgain helped us transition into our current environment, with many intricate systems and requirements! They continue to support all of our multifaceted IT needs. The support team is friendly and knowledgeable, and make complex technical tasks look easy! We wouldn’t go anywhere else for IT!

  • QuoteNetgain provided us with a sense of security because their solutions exceed the standards and requirements set forth by HIPAA.

  • QuoteWe have been working with Netgain since 2009. We started with hosting and Netgain’s services have grown with our needs. No matter what we have asked for, Netgain has been happy to deliver. They are a dynamic company and work with us at every opportunity to meet our technology goals.

Healthcare IT Client Stories

Noran was using another cloud hosting provider that was running both their Centricity EHR and desktop applications. Noran did not have an in-house IT staff, so they relied heavily on this provider for IT strategy and support and to act as their outsourced IT department.

Brad Montgomery, Executive Director, joined Noran in 2011. At that time, Noran had been using this hosting provider for a few years but Montgomery quickly came to realize that Noran was experiencing pains with their current IT setup.

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Neighborhood Healthcare used a hosting provider to host their eClinicalWorks EHR and running the rest of their desktop applications internally. The infrastructure was not built to the minimum standards of their EHR provider, resulting in daily reports of performance degradation. With their hosting provider’s inflexible environment, Neighborhood Healthcare knew it was time to look for alternatives for their IT environment.

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