HIPAA Compliant Hosting 

Keeping up with HIPAA and healthcare IT regulations is a big responsibility. At Netgain, we’re focused on helping healthcare organizations navigate complex technology challenges and increasing regulations. Our HIPAA compliant hosting is designed to meet and maintain HIPAA compliance requirements so you can be confident that your patients’ ePHI is secure.



Netgain takes on the responsibility of making sure your patient data is secure with highly-advanced system safeguards in place. We stand behind our HIPAA compliant hosting by signing a Business Associate Agreement.


Trained in

We’re committed to knowing HIPAA regulations so we manage our clients’ IT environment accordingly. Each Netgain team member goes through multiple HIPAA training sessions to ensure they stay educated on the regulations.


Highly Available
and Accessible

Reliable availability of ePHI is critical. Netgain gives your staff instant access to the applications they need – from anywhere. The security of patient ePHI stays the same whether they’re logged in at the office or at home.

Netgain’s Approach To HIPAA Compliance & Safeguards

Hosting information on a secured server alone does not make you HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliance is determined by following physical, technical and administrative security standards specified by the HIPAA security rule. At Netgain, we manage all three types of safeguards to create HIPAA compliant hosting.

Physical Safeguards

  • Facility Access Controls – allow facility access and emergency operation in case of a disaster – safeguard the facility from unauthorized physical access, tampering, and theft, including an interior protected wall – control and validate a person’s access to facilities based on their role or function, including visitors, using biometric readers and proximity access cards – document repairs and modifications to the physical components of a facility which are related to security;
  • Workstation Use And Security – specify the proper functions to be performed, how those functions are to be performed and the surroundings of a specific workstation which can access ePHI – restrict access for all workstations which access ePHI to authorized users;
  • Device And Media Controls – address the final disposition of ePHI, and/or the hardware or electronic media on which it is stored – implement removal of ePHI from electronic media before the media are reused – maintain a record of the movements of hardware and electronic media and who moves them – create a retrievable, exact copy of ePHI, when needed, before movement of equipment.

Technical Safeguards

  • Access Control – identify unique users – prepare emergency access procedures – implement automatic logoff – encrypt and decrypt user information – maintain prevention controls like a firewall, spam filtering, software patches, antivirus, intrusion detection system, backups and a software restriction policy;
  • Audit Controls – maintain record of every time servers are accessed and by whom;
  • Person Or Entity Authentication – authenticate user accessing server;
  • Transmission Security – filter content per corporate policy – encrypt information passed between workstation and server.

Administrative Safeguards

  • Security Management Process – analyze and manage risk – consult with organization on security issues;
  • Assigned Security Responsibility – provide for network security;
  • Workforce Security – clearance procedure for users – procedure for termination of user rights;
  • Information Access Management – isolation of functions;
  • Security Awareness And Training – procedure for staff training – protection from malware – log-in monitoring;
  • Security Incident Procedures – respond to and report incidents;
  • Contingency Plan – have procedures in place for backups, disasters, emergencies, testing, etc.;
  • Evaluation – audit assistance;
  • Business Associate Contracts – provide written business associates agreement.

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QuoteNetgain provided us with a sense of security because their solutions exceed the standards and requirements set forth by HIPAA.
-Marya Lydeen, ENTHC