Infrastructure as a Service

A Flexible Cloud Environment with Control

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides organizations the benefits of a dedicated cloud solution while retaining some direct management of the infrastructure. Netgain assists you along the way by designing an IT environment for your specific needs with access to IT professionals and support teams who specialize in healthcare IT.


Flexible Infrastructure

Netgain offers management and maintenance of your IT infrastructure while ensuring your IT team retains on-site control of desired aspects, such as your applications. We work closely with you to deliver solutions that mesh perfectly with your unique organization.


Trusted Resource

At Netgain, healthcare IT is all we do, and we are dedicated to providing technology solutions that are solid, reliable, and proven to ensure high availability and performance. We stand behind our solutions by signing a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).


Cost Effective

With Netgain, you no longer need to invest in complex computing hardware and expensive software programs. You provide your clinical applications and data and budget for only the services you need.

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QuoteNetgain isn’t just an IT vendor. They brought the conversation to a strategic level and have guided me through the various aspects of outsourcing IT, helping me understand what I need to be thinking about.”
-Sue Wilkus, Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates