Private Cloud Hosting

Keep Your Organization Secure in the Cloud

A cloud solution can do more than meet government regulations. It can actually help you achieve your desired business outcomes. Netgain’s Private Cloud provides a dedicated and flexible environment for your healthcare organization that can be tailored to your exact needs.


Stabilize Cost

With Netgain, you no longer need to invest in complex computing hardware and expensive software programs. You provide your clinical applications and data and budget for only the services you need. You get a custom solution designed by experienced healthcare IT professionals.


User Support

Netgain designed its user support model based on the demanding and rigorous environment that healthcare organizations work in each day. We understand the importance of timeliness, knowledge, and convenience for your users and have become known for going the extra mile to provide it when it matters most.


Flexible and Scalable

Every IT system will require updates, whether to heighten security, meet changing interoperability and regulatory compliance, add functionality, or expand for clinic growth. Netgain’s Private Cloud offers the flexibility to adjust resources as your clinical needs change, and scale as your organization grows.

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QuoteNetgain has always been very customer focused. I know that if I pick up the phone and call them, I’m going to get a response. They’re very knowledgeable about IT and how it’s used in a clinic setting, and I know whether it be security issues or questions, they have teams of specialists to help me out.
-Brenda McNeill, Northwest Family Physicians