Greenway PrimeSUITE Hosting

Healthcare IT is one of our core areas of expertise at Netgain and we understand the rigorous demands placed on healthcare organizations. Netgain’s Greenway PrimeSUITE Hosting allows you to get your organizations’ attention off of maintaining IT and back into providing quality patient care. We work with your Greenway PrimeSUITE provider to create a dedicated and flexible environment to host Greenway PrimeSUITE, as well as any other healthcare specialty software solutions you use.


and Reliable

Netgain has helped healthcare organizations secure their vital EHR data and provide immediate access to ePHI for enhanced patient care for nearly 20 years.



You no longer need to invest into new servers, firewalls, or backup systems. We turn your investment from a capital expense to a predictable monthly operating cost.

Specialized Support Teams

Support Teams

With one call, you have instant access to a support team who knows your organization, is knowledgeable on Greenway PrimeSUITE, and genuinely cares about resolving your issue.

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