HIPAA compliance
requires constant vigilance.
is a massive responsibility.
requires ongoing training.
should have a dedicated team.
must be monitored at all times.
is handled by Netgain.

Is HIPAA compliance at your IT partner’s core?

360-Degree Security Standards

At Netgain, we manage all three types of safeguards–physical, technical and administrative security standards–to provide HIPAA-compliant hosting.

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Netgain takes on the responsibility of making sure your sensitive patient and client data is secure with highly-advanced system safeguards in place. We stand behind our HIPAA-compliant hosting and typically execute a Business Associate Agreement with our clients.

Advanced Safeguards

Trained in HIPAA

We’re committed to knowing HIPAA regulations inside and out so we can effectively manage our clients’ IT environment. Each Netgain team member goes through frequent HIPAA training sessions to ensure they stay educated on the regulations.

Reliable availability of your data is critical. Netgain gives your staff instant access to the applications they need, from anywhere. The security of your clients’ data stays the same whether they’re logged in at the office or at home.

Available and Accessible

HIPAA Compliance Testimonials

We are a few years into our service agreement with Netgain and it is clear we made the right decision in hiring them. The services they provide beyond hosting are impressive. We are especially pleased with their depth of knowledge around security and compliance.

Netgain provided us with a sense of security because their solutions exceed the standards and requirements set forth by HIPAA.

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