Hope is Not a Strategy When it Comes to Fortifying Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT departments are growing increasingly concerned about issues related to staffing, budget, and their aging technology infrastructure. The pool of people who possess the specific skills they demand is diminishing; budgets are consistently being trimmed, and aging technology limits productivity levels and security posture. 

A recent Becker’s Healthcare article touched on these very topics, “’People, skills, budget’: What health system CIOs need from IT departments.” Brett Mello, CIO of Kingman (Ariz.) Regional Medical Center said, “Specialized skills [data analytics/engineering, cybersecurity, informatics] are in high demand, so we frequently need to ‘grow our own’ and develop talent with existing staff.”

Mello also said, “Margins for everyone are slim, but we all need to advance our organizations through technology in order to remain competitive, improve quality, and increase productivity and efficiency…There’s just not enough money to go around, so we do what we can and hope for the best.”

People, process, and budget for tools play crucial roles in driving technological advancements to improve patient care and operational efficiency. Simply hoping for the best is not a viable strategy. Rather, the best strategy is to collaborate with an IT partner who can alleviate the burden of the talent shortage, aged technology, and tight budgets.

That’s where Netgain comes in.

As an IT service provider for healthcare organizations looking to modernize IT systems, Netgain helps improve outcomes.  Adopting a “cloud-first” model helps providers lower their total IT spend, without compromising service levels or security. We bridge the gap between talent shortages and the increasing demand for specialized skills by working as an extension of your IT team providing enterprise-grade managed IT services, in the cloud or on-prem, that enable you to address evolving patient care–all while protecting your patient data–with the economic benefits of the cloud. 

How are we different? In addition to our specialized expertise in supporting healthcare IT, we lead with a security-first approach to managed IT services. With the sensitive nature of healthcare data, we understand the importance of ensuring that your systems and patient data are always secure. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to proactively identifying and addressing any potential security vulnerabilities to keep your practice’s data safe, all the while making sure we manage your IT so you can focus on caring for your patients. 

Moreover, we understand the budgetary challenges faced by healthcare organizations, particularly in today’s competitive environment. Our model doesn’t just offer technology solutions; it offers cost-effective strategies that maximize the impact of your IT investments. We firmly believe that by leveraging our experience in healthcare, we help you modernize IT, secure patient data, and unlock efficiency, even in the face of budget constraints.

The vision of a robust and agile IT department is attainable through proactive collaboration and strategic partnership. By working together, we can ensure your healthcare organization not only stays competitive but also thrives amidst industry challenges.

Hope is not our strategy; instead, our strategy rests on actionable steps and proven expertise that drives tangible results for the benefit of patients, healthcare providers, and the industry as a whole.

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