delivers your IT in a box.
turns your IT into a utility.
frees up capex dollars.
lets IT teams be strategic.
relieves IT worries.

IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) frees you from hardware that slows you down.

No More Hardware

Break free from restrictive hardware refresh cycles that slow down your growth and hold your capex dollars hostage. IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) moves your entire IT infrastructure out of a closet and into a secure, cloud-based opex solution that lets you consume and pay for only the precise amount of IT you need. It’s a model that built for scale, putting additional resources at your fingertips, whenever you need them.

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Many IT firms focus on one or two core areas of their business. Perhaps they deliver a cloud storage and compute solution, or maybe they offer a specific security layer to protect you in the Cloud, but when the rubber meets the road, they become nothing more than an IT vendor. And, if you have a number of these vendors servicing your practice, it can be a full-time job just managing them all.

Sometimes it makes sense to use these “point solutions,” but other times you just want a single point of contact that knows everything about your entire IT infrastructure, and that’s what you get with Netgain’s ITaaS solution. You’re able to rely on our very specific industry expertise and trust us to be your strategic IT business partner. Curious about how you’re covered for the latest cybersecurity threat? Wondering how a potential acquisition target impacts your IT infrastructure design? Considering a new industry-specific application and seeking recommendations? We’re your one-stop-IT-shop, and make an excellent extension of your organization as a trusted business partner.

Your Strategic IT Business Partner

A Focus on Availability

We deliver your IT via best-in-class hardware, software and cloud-based technologies and continually monitor your systems to anticipate and resolve any issues. With our 24/7 support, we will keep your network secure, available and high-performing, both at your office and in the Cloud.

A simple, monthly subscription is designed to incorporate your entire IT infrastructure, without all the headaches of complex and rigid hardware refresh cycles.

Predictable IT Costs

Endpoint Management

Need secure mobility? We deliver IT with technology designed for any screen, phone, work or home device. What’s more, we wrap a layer of security around each device to ensure devices are being used securely, and if a device is lost or stolen, we can quickly and remotely remove any sensitive data.

The software your users need, delivered in one integrated desktop – whether local, cloud-based or from other partners, your IT is delivered via a single, secure desktop.

A Centralized System

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