Managed services
extend your internal IT team.
augment your capabilities.
support existing infrastructure.
streamline your implementation.
help you plan for cloud migration.

Our managed services are here for you.

Managing Existing Infrastructure

Not all organizations are ready to migrate to a cloud-based model. For those clients, we offer managed services support to manage the infrastructure they currently have in place. Our Managed Services team is ready and standing by to ensure your on-premises hardware is fully performant, readily available and always backed up.

When your on-premises hardware still has two years left before your next hardware refresh cycle, it might not make sense to move to the cloud, but that’s when you need to start planning your cloud migration journey. Netgain’s managed services team can take over managing and supporting your existing on-site infrastructure while simultaneously helping you plan your journey to an all-cloud solution when it’s time to refresh.

Helping You Plan for the Cloud

Hybrid Managed Services

Looking for a hybrid managed services solution? Our proactive monitoring and management of local equipment based on best practices to keep your organization up and running and your users productive is a valuable complement to cloud-based applications and desktops for a complete IT solution.

A highly secured and reliable cloud environment owned and managed by Netgain but installed onsite at your facility. It’s often the best choice when high-speed internet isn’t available or in-house IT staff have skills that can be used to co-manage the IT architecture.

On-Site Cloud

Your Needs Are Unique

Healthcare organizations and financial services firms have unique IT needs that often require expertise in certain areas. It’s important to partner with a trusted resource who understands the challenges your organization faces. Netgain’s proficiency in IT and specialization in healthcare and financial services allows us to offer a breadth of services that go above and beyond what most technology companies offer.

Netgain offers a range of professionally managed services from virtual CIO (vCIO) to IT consulting to security services to cloud migration planning. Our specialists, which include vCIOs, Clinical IT Consultants, FinTech Consultants and Security Officer support, have the experience and competence to assist you when you need us. We’ll work closely with you to help you leverage IT toward your desired outcomes.

Subject-Matter Experts

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