Maximizing Efficiency and Savings: Microsoft Azure for Healthcare Providers



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Microsoft Azure offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based resources and tools ideally suited for healthcare providers across practices, clinics, and hospitals. While some providers have invested in Microsoft Azure, many are struggling to achieve the performance and cost advantages associated with a viable cloud adoption strategy. Collaborating with the right managed service provider (MSP) can enable healthcare providers to leverage Azure to its fullest potential without the risk of overspending.

Azure Optimization for Healthcare

Azure optimization involves the strategic fine-tuning of Azure resources and services to strike the perfect balance between performance, cost efficiency, and operational excellence.

For healthcare practices, clinics, and hospitals, this means customizing their cloud infrastructure to meet the unique demands of healthcare professionals using a wide variety of clinical and business applications like electronic health records, patient management systems, and virtual care services / telemedicine. By analyzing resource usage, appropriately sizing virtual machines, implementing automated scaling, and adopting cost-effective storage solutions, Azure optimization ensures that healthcare organizations get maximum value from their cloud investment.  

Key Features of Azure Optimization for Healthcare Providers and Hospitals 

  1. Cost efficiency and transparency: Azure offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model allowing healthcare organizations to manage their monthly expenses more effectively and pay only for what is necessary.
  1. Workload management: Ensure that Azure resources like virtual machines, databases, and storage are optimized to meet the workload requirements without overcommitting resources, especially during peak healthcare seasons.
  1. Flexible scaling and accessibility: Enable secure remote access to critical healthcare software, patient data, and vital applications through Azure Virtual Desktops (AVD). Azure’s global network ensures support for outsourced healthcare professionals.
  1. Automation: Reduce manual tasks and minimize errors by automating routine operations such as configurations and deployments. 
  1. Performance monitoring: Utilize tools like Azure Monitor to continuously monitor the environment, identify bottlenecks, and optimize system performance.
  1. Application performance: Enhance responsiveness and overall application performance by fine-tuning compute sizing, optimizing storage speed, analyzing network configurations, and more.
  1. Data management and analytics: Efficiently manage and store healthcare data using services like Azure Files and SQL Database, while utilizing other tools for data interpretation and trend analysis.
  1. Security and compliance: Implement access controls, encryption, and compliance configurations to safeguard patient data and adhere to industry compliance standards.

Benefits for Healthcare Providers and Small Hospitals

Optimizing Azure allows healthcare providers to achieve higher efficiencies, increased uptime, cost savings, and the flexibility to adjust resources to meet specific needs, especially during peak healthcare demand. It ensures seamless application performance without unnecessary costs during slower periods. Azure optimization also enhances security and regulatory compliance while avoiding overprovisioning and excessive spending.

By harnessing the power of Azure optimization, healthcare organizations can focus on patient care, streamline operations, improve services, and manage costs, all while retaining the scalability and agility of the cloud.

Why Partner with Netgain for Your Azure Journey? 

The healthcare industry has been slow to transition to the cloud. For a variety of reasons, providers have historically been slow to adopt new systems and when you add on recent challenges like budget constraints, a global pandemic and staffing shortages, hospitals and health systems can struggle to make new technology adoption a priority. Healthcare providers and hospitals that lack the expertise, staff, or capacity to optimize their Azure environment can benefit from partnering with an Azure expert MSP like Netgain.

Netgain empowers healthcare organizations to harness the benefits of Azure while relieving them of the complexities and resource demands of managing a cloud environment. Our team of Azure engineering experts, with over 20 years of IT services experience, excels in configuring and managing Azure infrastructure for performance and cost management. We offer tailored support services and 24/7/365 on-call technical support to ensure your healthcare professionals maximize their environment while we handle:

  1. Azure optimization service: Track consumption, identify cost-saving opportunities, and create an actionable optimization plan.
  1. Proactive monitoring and maintenance: Enhance operational reliability with 24/7 support, security incident response, disaster recovery, and system updates.
  1. Dedicated Azure management and consulting: Partner with certified engineers to optimize your Azure environment and provide guidance.
  1. Managed disaster recovery: Design, develop, and manage your disaster recovery plan leveraging Azure capabilities.
  1. Layered security solution: Ensure perimeter, network, endpoint, application, and data protection security procedures align with compliance requirements.

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of tools and services for healthcare providers, including analytics, AI capabilities, and scalable virtual machines. However, the complexity of the cloud platform often hinders achieving Azure optimization—the harmonious balance between performance, cost, and operational excellence. By fine-tuning resource usage, identifying cost savings, and enhancing performance, Azure optimization enables healthcare organizations to streamline operations. Partnering with Netgain ensures healthcare providers can focus on delivering exceptional patient care, while also realizing cost savings, achieving compliance, and maximizing their cloud investment.

Learn more about our detailed methodology with our Azure Cost Optimization Service.