Monthly Azure Webinar Series: Best Practices in Supporting Your Off-shore Workforce in Azure

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In our recent Azure webinar, Kate Krupey, VP of Accounting, and Bill Sorensen, VP of Product, dove into the topic of best practices for supporting off-shore workforces in Azure. They discussed the growing trend of outsourcing in the CPA industry and how firms can efficiently leverage technical solutions to navigate this evolving landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • Global Growth in Off-shore Options
    • There has been significant growth in off-shore options, reflecting the diverse strategies firms adopt, from testing the waters with temporary resources to establishing full-fledged off-shore offices.
  • Microsoft Azure’s Role
    • Microsoft Azure, with its global network of data centers, plays a crucial role in connecting off-shore resources seamlessly, ensuring a consistent user experience worldwide.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)
    • Azure Virtual Desktop is critical in supporting off-shore teams, and addresses any challenges related to connectivity, performance, and data security.
  • Tactical Approach with AVD
    • The tactical approach to implementing AVD is to segregate resources into the backend (servers, applications, data) and frontend (virtual desktops) to optimize security, control, and performance.
  • Security Risks and Controls
    • Security considerations include distinguishing between contractors and employees, controlling data exposure on external screens, evaluating the need for in-office setups, and defining the scope of accessible data.
  • Expanding With Azure
    • Expanding a global footprint is simplified by having infrastructure in Azure, offering scalability, resilience, and security. For firms looking to innovate, Azure is an important first step in that process especially with the growing role of artificial intelligence.
  • Overnight Support Considerations
    • Firms dealing with off-shore teams in different time zones should plan for overnight support, either internally or by outsourcing, to ensure seamless operations.
  • Due Diligence and Professional Support
    • It is critical for firms to conduct their due diligence when seeking professional help, particularly in IT aspects, to ensure security and a successful implementation from the outset.

There are many intricacies that CPA firms need to be aware of when managing off-shore workforces using Microsoft Azure. Firms are encouraged to embrace the cloud-first approach, leverage Azure Virtual Desktop effectively, and prioritize due diligence to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by the evolving landscape of off-shore workforce support.

Get access to the full webinar recording below to learn more about how you can take your firm into the future by adopting Azure.

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