Netgain and Thomson Consulting Partner to Accelerate Transformation of CPA / Accounting Firms



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From Strategy to Technology, Strategic Alliance Brings Together Critical Building Blocks to Enable a Modern Technology Proficient CPA Firm

Netgain Technology, LLC, the premier Managed Azure solutions provider serving CPA firms, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Thomson Consulting, LLC, led by industry visionary, Gary Thomson. Thomson Consulting, LLC, enables CPA firms to find success and growth by addressing and improving the core areas of leadership, governance, management, and strategic planning. The combined capabilities of Netgain and Thomson Consulting enable CPA firms with a comprehensive blueprint to scale efficiently and operate at the intersection of high performance and peak productivity.

“While Netgain is a leading technology provider for CPA firms, we recognize that our clients need more than technology to be a successful firm of the future,” said Sumeet Sabharwal, CEO, Netgain. “Aligning with Thomson Consulting provides us an opportunity to address their broader business needs including strategic planning, leadership development, corporate governance, and M&A readiness.”

Kate Krupey, Vice President, CPA Practice Leader, Netgain Technology, LLC adds “Gary’s extensive expertise in the CPA industry enables clients to gain proven expertise and practical insights as they navigate critical business and operational issues.”

Gary Thomson, Managing Partner of Thomson Consulting, LLC, echoed this sentiment stating, “Given the dynamic landscape and rapid advances in technology, the CPA profession requires a holistic approach that enables them to fully harness the potential of advanced technologies like cloud and AI as part of their strategic plans. Our partnership with Netgain aims to bridge the business and technology worlds with an end-goal of enabling CPA firms to accelerate their digital transformation.”

To showcase their partnership, Netgain and Thomson Consulting will co-host a webinar on April 23, 2024 at 3:00 pm CT/4:00 pm ET. The webinar, titled “How Transformative Technologies like Cloud & AI Are Reshaping the CPA Profession,” will feature industry veteran Kate Krupey, Netgain’s Vice President, CPA Practice Leader, Gary Thomson, Managing Partner of Thomson Consulting, and Sumeet Sabharwal, CEO, Netgain. They will share a comprehensive blueprint for firm leaders to enable them to scale efficiently and to operate at the intersection of high performance and peak productivity.

For more information and to register for the webinar, please click [here].

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Netgain provides managed cloud and IT services to mid-market firms in the Accounting and Healthcare industries. Netgain couples deep private and public cloud expertise with industry-specific application expertise as part of its comprehensive IT-as-a-Service solutions portfolio. Netgain partners with businesses to accelerate IT transformation, enhance security and resiliency, and elevate the end-client experience. Most importantly, Netgain removes the complexities of the underlying technology to help clients get back to what matters most: driving growth and productivity as part of running a higher-performing business. Discover more at netgaincloud.com.

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About Gary Thomson & Thomson Consulting, LLC.

Gary Thomson is the Founder of Thomson Consulting and leverages his 38-plus years of public accounting experience to help firms find their ideal intersection of performance and culture. He helps organizations of all sizes prepare for the future by developing partner-level leaders, building innovative governance structures, addressing critical practice management dimensions, and crafting leading-edge strategic plans.

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Webinar Abstract:

Date/Time: April 23, 2024 at 3:00 pm CT/4:00 pm ET.

Webinar Title: “The Transformative Power of Technology in Fueling Accounting Firm Growth”


Kate Krupey, CPA Practice Leader, Netgain Technology, LLC

Gary Thomson, Managing Partner, Thomson Consulting, LLC

Sumeet Sabharwal, CEO, Netgain Technology, LLC