Netgain's Azure Cloud
offers enterprise-level security.
turns IT performance into a utility.
delivers faster recovery.
provides more backup points.

All of the power of Azure, delivered by Netgain.

Azure Leading the Industry

Microsoft continues to spend $1B/year on security research and development to ensure that Azure is the most secure cloud in the world. Azure is built with a “Security First” philosophy that layers overlapping security measures to ensure that minor breaches don’t jeopardize the security of the platform. Netgain’s Private Azure Cloud features advanced encryption, identity and access management to ensure customer data is secure in-transit, and at-rest.

The Azure cloud is built on 36 different regions around the globe. Each region has built-in redundancy (called paired regions). Geo-redundant storage is a built-in service that guarantees that data is replicated three times within a region and three times in the paired region. Paired regions enable automated fail-over strategies in minutes vs hours or days. Netgain is leveraging paired regions to provide industry-leading disaster recovery service offerings.

Regional Redundancy Reigns

Rapid Innovation

Hyperscale clouds like Azure and Amazon compete on feature innovation rates and price. As a result of this rapid innovation, Netgain can leverage these new Azure features to iterate and innovate to offer new services to our clients faster than before. Netgain’s Azure Cloud partnership provides on-demand access to advanced analytics, machine learning and business intelligence technologies. Netgain can access and integrate these foundational features into new and innovative offerings for our clients.

The database, server platform, and security architecture of your core software is Microsoft-centric. This makes Microsoft’s Cloud, and a Microsoft-centric integrator like Netgain, the sound choice. In nearly any other cloud environment, you risk sacrificing functionality, running a lesser “cloud-versioned” variant as the publisher works to move the title into a non-Microsoft-centric cloud. With Azure, you’re running time-tested applications that integrate the way your organization expects them to. Additionally, as the Microsoft titles upon which your specialty software is built evolve over time, Microsoft will bring these innovations first to Azure.

Microsoft Owns the Enterprise

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