Netgain and Business Continuity During COVID-19



Greetings clients and industry colleagues,

Earlier this year, I stepped into the role of CEO at Netgain, eager to work with this incredible company to achieve growth, positive change, and industry-leading technology. Of course, none of us could have seen the impact of COVID-19 that would come only a couple of months in.

As most businesses scramble adjusting to the new work/life environment, I’ve been incredibly impressed with how Netgainers have handled both their own transition to COVID-life and how they’ve stepped up and helped our clients, almost all of whom are essential workers.

We want businesses to know that we hear you, we see you, we understand the challenges you’re going through, and we are here to help you weather this storm.

Netgain serves the Healthcare, Financial Services, and Legal markets, and we see the impact, struggle, and dedication of these essential workers every day. We are grateful for them, and we promise we will continue serving you through this each day by providing a cloud-based workspace that is reliable, performant, secure, and optimized for remote access, allowing essential workers the ability to continue being productive and effective, anytime, anywhere.

How Netgain can help

This COVID change is difficult, but truly, we can lessen the burden. Our services offer benefits that have never been more needed than now.

  1. Remote access – Keep your employees productive at this most critical time.
  2. Scalable – Easily and affordably scale your IT environment based on your organization’s needs.
  3. Security – You have enough on your plate, let us ensure your employees are adequately protected from the growing threat of cyber-attacks.
  4. Fully-managed – We’re here to support you through this. Our talented team of cloud experts is ready and waiting to serve you and your team during this time – and always.
  5. Performance – No waiting on slowness or downtime, your employees need better given that they are connecting remotely. Our cloud solutions are optimized to perform across a broad spectrum of internet connections.

I want you to know, we’re not exploiting these benefits because of COVID. These have always been, and will always be, the benefits of Netgain’s cloud solutions.

Additionally, I want to provide a few resources for businesses that may help them navigate this ever-changing environment. While we cannot stay up to date on every program available, these resources do a great job of laying out the options.

Resources for Small Business

  1. COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan. (Application)
  2. SBA Paycheck Protection Program (Details)
  3. Unemployment Insurance Shared Work Program (Details)
  4. Federal Small Business Stimulus Aid Programs (Details)

Netgain has a proven track record of unlocking the benefits of cloud-based IT solutions for Healthcare, Financial Services, and Legal organizations. Our team is second to none, and our process has been proven over two decades. Resilient IT infrastructure is more vital now than ever, and we’re ready to serve you.

For more information about making the cloud work for your organization, connect with one of our Cloud Experts at 877-797-4700.

We’re in this together,

Sumeet Sabharwal
Netgain CEO