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Faster performance, increased productivity, and the CCH expertise you need so you can focus on your clients

CPA firms run on Netgain.
Our CCH expertise is just one reason why.

Like any powerful application, CCH solutions can take a tremendous amount of effort and application-specific expertise to manage and maintain.

Netgain’s CPA practice is built around an intimate understanding of Wolters Kluwer’s robust suite of accounting and tax applications. By selecting Netgain as your accounting IT partner, you’ll get the expertise you need, the attention CCH software deserves, and the performance your partners expect – all without your IT team having to lift a finger.

we make CCH run
CCH access suite

CCH Axcess™ 

By partnering with Netgain, you’ll get a lightning-fast connection between your Azure®-based virtual desktop and Wolters Kluwer’s cloud- based back end, eliminating the performance-based frustrations that can impact your daily productivity.

You’ll also get a team dedicated to managing and maintaining your CCH Axcess environment – and each of its associated applications – including all those constant updates during tax season.

CCH® ProSystem fx® Suite

Netgain’s deep expertise with CCH ProSystem fx keeps your firm productive, even in the middle of a busy tax season.

By hosting CCH ProSystem fx in the cloud, Netgain frees you from owning expensive and depreciating hardware, while ensuring fast performance, no matter how many of your colleagues are accessing the system.

Our cloud-based approach means you can take advantage of the cloud’s elastic scalability – adding on resources during tax season and shedding them (and their associated costs!) in the off season.

cch prosystem fx
cch prosystem fx engagement

CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement

As the heart of your Audit practice, CCH ProSystem fx Engagement is a powerhouse application – and consumes a lot of resources to do its job.

Netgain’s dedicated Accounting industry team knows exactly what CCH ProSystem fx Engagement needs. They’ll take care of all the updates and upgrades, while making sure your Engagement instance has the memory, storage, and compute power to run effectively and efficiently – without the cost of excess overprovisioning.

Our cloud-based delivery also means that your auditors have access to CCH ProSystem fx Engagement no matter where they’re working (such as at a client site).

Benefits of  CCH Solutions from Wolters Kluwer on Netgain

When it comes right down to it, we have years of experience managing and supporting CCH Axcess, CCH ProSystem fx Suite, CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, & other applications you use daily. Turning to us frees your team to focus on strategic initiatives more important to the future of your firm.


Increased Productivity

We’ve built in resilience and redundancy to ensure you don’t suffer from downtime. And with an isolated IT environment and resources dedicated to you, performance will never be an issue.


World-Class Security

Experience a level of security you could never achieve on your own. We apply a layered security framework that isolates and secures your data, while limiting the impact of cyberattacks.

cost optimization

Cost Optimization

Our cloud-based model means you pay for the capacity you use, when you use it – making it easy to scale up and down with tax season. And those hefty capital purchases? A thing of the past.

A Team of Experts on Your Team

A Team of Experts on Your Team

Your IT team are experts on your business – but they don’t have to be experts on everything to be effective. Get both cloud and CCH Solutions expertise without having to build it in house.

Say goodbye to outages and headaches

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