Netgain Continues Market Expansion Plan



St. Cloud, MN: Netgain announced January 3rd a swift expansion into California, partnering to assume the clients of an organization shifting its focus away from technology. Netgain will provide cloud-based clinical computing environments to 19 health centers in southern California, in a move designed to smoothly transition services from the outgoing Community Clinics Health Network (CCHN). Four members of the CCHN staff have joined Netgain as team members, and the company plans to hire additional staff in St. Cloud to support both the current health centers and anticipated growth in the market.
“Over the past few years, integration of our new Chicago and Minneapolis offices have helped us refine our process and organization to scale to a nationwide footprint,” said Scott Warzecha, President & Founder of Netgain.

The move was based on a strategic shift in the future direction of CCHN, who sought a partner that would deliver best-in-class technical infrastructure and support, allowing CCHN to focus more closely on new initiatives to drive access, quality, and operational efficiencies among member clinics.

“It was extremely important for CCHN to choose an IT partner that had solid experience working with health centers and a strong understanding of their unique IT needs. Netgain had the IT expertise we sought and have proven themselves to be a strong and supportive partner during the customer transition period,” said Tracy Garmer, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Council of Community Clinics.

Netgain plans to open a Private Cloud data center in Phoenix, AZ to serve most of the California-based clients after a transition period. The new data center will be located within a facility owned by Digital Realty Trust, the planet’s largest data center operations vendor.

“Phoenix offers best-in-class power availability and excellent telecommunications access to California and other regional centers. We’re excited about opening another data center to support our growth and expansion,” said Matt Riley, VP of Operations at Netgain.

After the transition of CCHN’s clients and employees, Netgain will continue to have an ongoing partnership with CCHN.

“As we begin the New Year, I look forward to continuing to build on the partnership foundation that has already been established,” said Garmer.

The St. Cloud Times featured an article on Netgain’s market expansion into southern California. Read the St. Cloud Times story here.

About Netgain

Netgain, a St. Cloud, Minnesota healthcare technology provider, has a mission to improve the patient experience by managing the IT operations of healthcare providers nationwide. To do so, Netgain provides services and solutions that simplify the healthcare computing environment and allows healthcare professionals to focus on patient care.

Netgain has pioneered the use of virtualized servers and storage in healthcare and continues to deliver solutions that are easily scalable and quickly provisioned to meet the changing and unique needs of healthcare providers.

Netgain serves US mid-market healthcare organizations. Across all specialties and subspecialties, Netgain continues to build upon its increasingly strong foundation in technical knowledge, process expertise, and proven technology to advance healthcare information technology.

About the Community Clinics of Health Network (CCHN)

CCHN, a subsidiary of the Council of Community Clinics, manages collaborative programs and provides services to community clinics and health centers. Their mission is to enhance the quality of care, improve population health outcomes, and strengthen business efficiencies by offering specialized programs, services, and technology solutions.