Netgain Employees Seek Ways to Give Back

Volunteering for United Way community projects. Coaching youth sports. Joining committees to better childhood education. These are all ways Netgain team members give back to our community and causes they are passionate about.

We recently sat down with a few Netgain team members to learn more about causes they care about. These team members are all dedicated to their job, but being a Netgain employee also means they get paid to volunteer.

Gail Stanger – Director of Support Services

Gail will never forget the struggle her family members experienced during their final days before passing away from cancer. Those final days were taxing on everyone. They needed support and didn’t feel like they had it.

It’s the experience of those final days that led Gail to become a regular volunteer at Quiet Oaks Hospice in St. Augusta. Quiet Oaks provides residential hospice home care for patients and families facing terminal illness. Gail has volunteered her time at Quiet Oaks Hospice for three years, often taking on 2-3 shifts a month, providing meals, cleaning, conversations, and as she says “hopefully a smile to families struggling with the end of a loved one’s life.”



Nick Blahna – Project Manager

Nick has always had a love for dogs, which makes Grey Face Rescue & Retirement a natural fit. Grey Face is a foster-based senior dog rescue that fosters older dogs, makes it financially possible to address their health issues, and works to proactively place them in safe, loving, forever homes.

Nick’s involvement with Grey Face has been fostering dogs while they are looking for their forever homes. While fostering, Nick and his fiancé teach the dogs how to be a house pet and work on increasing their strength and well-being. Nick and his fiancé fell in love with their second foster and adopted him this past June. “Grey Face gave me the opportunity to foster, building relationships and experiencing the unconditional love of canine companionship,” Nick said.



Nikki Ruehle – Support Team Lead

Nikki has been volunteering her time for several years for a couple of different organizations. About 8 years ago, Nikki started volunteering for Anna Marie’s Alliance. Nikki has always had a concern for the safety of battered women and their children. But she became passionate about the organization when she experienced friends who have had to stay at the shelter. Nikki typically volunteers for Anna Marie’s once a month, helping with cleaning and collecting supplies.

During the summer, Nikki also keeps very busy coaching soccer through the Central Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (CMYSA). Nikki has 4 kids who are actively involved in various sports and so it was a natural fit for Nikki to start coaching her kids’ teams. She has spent the last 5 years coaching soccer, one highlight being earning second place in the regional recreational tournament last year.

Netgain is proud to see team members volunteering their time for so many deserving causes. Giving back does so much more than helping our community, it’s helping build an environment where employees want to work and we think that’s a win-win for everyone.


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