Netgain and Indigo Partner on Access Management



Netgain partners with Indigo Identityware to enhance service offering

Netgain, a leader in healthcare information technology, partners with Indigo to add strong authentication, single sign-on, and workflow manager to enhance service offering.
ST. CLOUD, MN – September 8, 2010 – Netgain, a nationwide leader in securing and delivering healthcare IT, has announced a partnership with Indigo Identityware, a premier provider of strong authentication, single sign-on, and session management. Indigo’s identity management solutions, paired with Netgain’s data security and delivery solutions, meet practice’s goals of productivity and simplicity. 
Healthcare providers often are required to enter three or four passwords when they log-in in an exam room. With Indigo’s Identityware solutions, this time can be spent with the patient, rather than entering passwords.
“Our clients trust us to provide an all-encompassing solution that combines HIPAA-level security with ease of use, and we found those features in Indigo’s solutions.   Offering a solution like Indigo’s single sign-on makes our providers more productive and, therefore, enhances the patient’s experience, which is Netgain’s mission,” said Matt Riley, Netgain’s COO. 
 “We’re excited to work with an organization like Netgain, whose mission in healthcare IT so closely aligns with ours,” said John Woodward, COO and President of Healthcare for Indigo Identityware. “Our services are complementary to Netgain’s, and together we provide a complete solution that eliminates a problem for healthcare organizations.” 
About Netgain
Netgain is a privately held provider of healthcare information technology solutions. To relieve the day-to-day burden of information technology operations for healthcare organizations, Netgain provides application hosting and infrastructure support.
Netgain’s accomplished staff has extensive technical expertise in securing sensitive data by deploying a rare combination of process excellence and personal service. In addition, their industry leading, private data center delivers absolute peace of mind through a reliable, accessible, and secure infrastructure. 
About Indigo
Indigo Identityware is a leader in the identity and access management industry. Indigo distinguishes itself by offering the first and only behavioral enterprise single sign-on with integrated strong authentication. Indigo’s flexible design supports multiple strong authentication methods, including next generation biometrics, providing users with secure and fast access to information.
Indigo knows exactly who you are, knows the way you work, and works the way you want it to. It increases workflow productivity while helping customers ensure regulatory compliance. The software-only solution is cost-effective and deploys quickly with its unique, lightweight “snap-in” design. No expensive hardware, third party licenses, or resource-intensive implementation costs are required. No other product offers the capabilities, flexibility and value that Indigo provides to organizations of any size.