Netgain Joins Hybrid IT Monitoring-Heavyweight LogicMonitor’s Partner Network to Bolster Proactive Monitoring Service

LogicMonitor Hybrid IT Monitoring

We’re excited to announce that LogicMonitor, an industry leader in hybrid IT monitoring software, has invited Netgain to join its new partner network as a pillar member.

LogicMonitor’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform is a key component in Netgain’s proactive network monitoring service. Netgain’s network operations center (NOC) allows Netgain to proactively monitor clients’ networks through a single pane of glass to scan for network, application and systems performance issues

Netgain began partnering with LogicMonitor a few years ago due to the platform’s ability to work both on-premise as well as in Microsoft Azure and AWS environments.

LogicMonitor has also helped Netgain stand out from the competition. “We deliver applications to healthcare practices, accounting firms and law firms so they’re very concerned about monitoring their equipment and making sure they’re up 24/7. We embed the LogicMonitor product in our service and it’s a differentiator for us,” explains Netgain CEO, Kevin Lynch.

Three Critical Elements of the Netgain Approach to Proactive Monitoring

  1. Tools: Netgain uses intelligent, knowledge-laden monitoring architecture that leverages insights into the operating systems, network appliances and clinical and administrative software titles used in today’s highly regulated industries like healthcare, financial services and legal IT. Netgain’s best-of-breed tools (like LogicMonitor) auto-discover important resources as they come online, preventing costly gaps in the protective umbrella.
  2. Team: Senior Analysts, leaders among their colleagues in Support, are the heart of the Network Operations Center (NOC). These experienced IT professionals, with years of experience working in the titles and technologies that keep information flowing in the clients’ businesses, give continual attention to critical resources and immediately assign team members when incidents threaten or emerge.
  3. Triage: Assess – Prioritize – Respond – The vast majority of incidents that appear “on-radar” are remedied in one action by the first Analyst to recognize the issue. Occasionally, multiple steps are required, or the issue requires a specialist. In either case, incidents are quickly sorted and placed in the hands of those that can quickly remedy.

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