Netgain Launches Redesigned Website

Because Netgain listened to their client needs, we have launched a new website. Visitors can now access valuable insight into adopting the cloud, and evaluating cost savings, and clients have easier access to downloading software and logging into the portal.

The website incorporates some added new colors with a simple design to provide a user-friendly, informative experience. The site is now using responsive design, providing optimal viewing on any device including your phone, tablet, and desktop.

The focus of the website is to inform visitors about how we can help them leverage IT toward their desired outcomes. Included are Why Netgain and Who We Serve sections to give a quick overview of Netgain and what types of organizations we work with. Visitors can select the size of their organization from the homepage to get a sense of what Netgain does for organizations of their size, and what services are best suited for their needs, or they can navigate to specific services we offer.

The website is also intended to give Netgain’s current clients easy access to support contact information and our client portal where clients can login and view account information. A downloads section is included, easily accessed in the footer, where clients can download various downloads needed to connect to their work computer from home.

In the top navigation you can find quick access to Netgain’s blog where Netgain will be focusing on publishing educational content on a regular basis.

Take a look around the website and see for yourself how easy it is to find information.

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