Netgain Leads Healthcare IT in Implementation of Flash Storage

Netgain leads healthcare IT in implementation of flash storage New storage technology delivers significant performance improvements

St. Cloud, Minnesota – July 14, 2014 — Netgain, a healthcare IT provider headquartered in Minnesota, announced their selection of Pure Storage as their vendor of choice for flash storage. The new deployment within two of Netgain’s three datacenters, St. Cloud, MN and Chicago, IL will provide Netgain’s clients with improved performance, leading to increased efficiencies within their practices.

Flash storage (sometimes referred to as SSD or solid state disk), fulfills the same purpose as a traditional hard-drive, but with no moving parts. Consumers are using flash everyday – the technology is common to smartphones, digital cameras, and other small digital appliances.

Netgain’s purchase of datacenter-grade, highly-available flash storage signals a movement of this technology into large-scale, commercial use for housing mission-critical data. The technology offers the promise of significant performance gains over traditional, spinning hard-drives.

PureStorage earned Netgain’s selection after Netgain conducted months of research, internal and client trials, and cost-benefit analysis.

Netgain provides private cloud services for healthcare providers nationwide. As such, performance has been cited by Netgain clients as the number one factor in client satisfaction.

Scott Baynes, Netgain’s VP of Technology, said, “We serve healthcare practices and hospitals. Minimizing latency and enabling providers to treat patients as quickly and efficiently as possible are some of our top priorities. Flash storage allows us to improve EHR application performance and ultimately improve the patient experience at the medical facilities we serve.”

Netgain performed live-trials of partial-production load with two healthcare clients during the vetting of different vendor products. The two clients responded favorably to the new technology, citing a significant increase in performance.

During testing, one client performed an EHR software upgrade that had historically taken approximately seven hours to complete. On the flash platform, the upgrade took less than one hour and the performance of the application was dramatically faster. Netgain expects to see similar results when deployed for other clients.

“We’re really the only healthcare-focused, private cloud provider that we know of offering flash storage. This is a game changer. We believe that when EHR software vendors see the benefits of flash storage, they’ll begin requiring that their software runs on a flash platform,” Baynes said.

Netgain worked with Xigent Solutions, a value added reseller of PureStorage, to evaluate, test and implement the flash solution.

“We’re eager to offer flash storage as an option for our entire client-base,” Baynes said. “PureStorage will allow us to make significant improvements for our clients at a marginal cost.”


About Netgain

Netgain, an eHealth solutions provider based in Minnesota, works to improve the patient experience by managing the IT operations of healthcare providers nationwide.

Netgain’s comprehensive IT solutions benefit healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties, at all stages of eHealth adoption. By identifying the specific needs of the organizations, Netgain creates a customized IT infrastructure solution with HIPAA-level security, five nines availability and the flexibility to be hosted at Netgain or at the organization’s site. Netgain manages the infrastructure securely and remotely. This approach simplifies the healthcare IT environment while improving efficiencies and increasing security. For more information on Netgain, visit

About Pure Storage

Pure Storage, the all-flash enterprise storage company, enables the broad deployment of flash in the data center. When compared to traditional disk-centric arrays, Pure Storage all-flash enterprise arrays are 10x faster and 10x more space and power efficient at a price point that is less than performance disk per gigabyte stored. The Pure Storage FlashArray is ideal for high performance workloads, including server virtualization, desktop virtualization (VDI), database (OLTP, real-time analytics) and cloud computing. For more information, visit

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