Netgain Receives Family Friendly Workplace Award



The Brian Klinefelter Foundation announced Netgain Technology as a recipient of the Brian Klinefelter Foundation Family-Friendly Workplace Award. The award recognizes Minnesota employers that have implemented family-friendly practices to foster a positive workplace and allow employees to be involved in growing great kids in the community.

“These awards recognize those companies that are leading the way in creating a better work-life environment and aim to inspire other employers to implement family-friendly policies and practices that will help them attract and retain talent,” said Dawn Moen, program coordinator for the Brian Klinefelter Foundation.

Netgain offers its customers and employees telecommuting arrangements through its technology platforms. An employee survey, conducted as a part of the Foundation’s Workplace Initiative, led the company to add other benefits, including paid professional development for all employees.

“The Klinefelter Foundation has been a great resource for Netgain, and has helped us make our workplace a better environment for our employees,” said Scott Warzecha, Founder and CEO of Netgain. “Our two greatest assets are our employees, and our customers. We do everything we can to make sure those two groups are experiencing the best that Netgain has to offer,” he noted. Netgain is very honored and humbled to have received this award from the Brian Klinefelter Foundation.