Netgain’s 3rd Annual Security Summit – November 9



Join Netgain’s Security Team to learn about new security offerings and changes in the security landscape 

When: Nov. 9, 2011 | 8:30-11:30 am

Where: Microsoft Building | 8000 Classroom (Directly above the Caribou Coffee) 8000 Norman Center Dr | Bloomington, MN 55437-1039

*Breakfast will be served


Security Policy and Internal Systems Each year, Netgain works to improve security policies and procedures.  We’ll have a brief overview of how Netgain has improved our security to better serve our clients.

Security Level changes at Netgain To better fit the unique needs of our clients, Netgain has re-structured our security offerings, incorporating three levels of security: Basic, Essential, & ePHI.  Discover how the levels differ and which level is right for your organization.

New Security Offerings:  In addition to our Desktop Hosting and Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings, Netgain has developed complementary services centered around security, including:

  • Onsite LAN protection – In a hosted environment, it’s easy to overlook your local area network the security risks involved.  Netgain’s onsite LAN protection service ensures that you have protection even at a local level, managed remotely.
  • Risk analysis – In order to reach Meaningful Use, practices are required to perform a risk analysis.  Netgain offers different levels of Risk Analysis that accomplish this requirement.
  • HIPAA/PCI Gap Analysis – Not only is HIPAA the policing force behind keeping ePHI secure, but PCI compliance is required for all organizations that process credit card payments.  Netgain’s HIPAA/PCI Gap Analysis identifies the areas in your security policies and procedures that are not compliant with HIPAA and PCI.
  • ZixMail – With the increase in electronic communication, Netgain has partnered with ZixCorp to provide a secure option for your users to transmit ePHI securely and easily.  ZixMail is a low-cost, easily implemented secure email solution that can help ensure your practice isn’t transmitting ePHI insecurely.
  • Kaseya Remote Monitoring – Netgain offers Kaseya Remote Management for local workstations to monitor performance, usage, virus alerts, and other performance metrics that are vital to your workstation’s health.