Cloud specialists for
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CPA firms.
neurology groups.
wealth management firms.
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family wealth offices.
multi-specialty practices.
community health centers.

Cloud specialists who understand your specialty.

Understanding Your Specialty

You deserve an IT partner who truly understands your specialty. They should have intimate knowledge of all your specialty applications and how to design an infrastructure that can host and support each of them. We’ve built our entire business model around being niched IT and cloud specialists to three primary verticals: accounting and healthcare.

There is no shortage of cloud vendors that offer some sort of cloud solution. These come from big-box, mass-market providers who commoditize the cloud space and make it all about the most bare-bones solution for the lowest price. In the highly specialized verticals where we focus, we find that offering a more comprehensive solution customized to your specific needs creates a better, more lasting partnership between us and our clients. Every time.

Partner, Not Vendor

Plain-English Explanations

Our support team is fluent in speaking non-tech and will help your users understand the issue and resolution at whatever technical level they’re comfortable with. If they’re more advanced technical users, our support team will walk them through the specifics. If the users aren’t as technically savvy, our support team will explain the situation in plain English.

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