Our Netgain Story: CRSAL

Colon and Rectal Surgery Associates is a specialty practice that achieved their IT goals of lowering costs, improving network reliability and aligning IT goals with overall practice initiatives by moving to a hybrid cloud environment.

The 100-user practice has five locations and a separate specialty center with its own set of business initiatives and goals. Sue Wilkus serves as the Director of Information Systems and Business Office Operations at Colon and Rectal Surgery Associates (CRSAL).

Prior to working with Netgain, CRSAL employed two IT employees who were in charge of day-to-day operations and management of the IT environment. In addition to the seemingly constant investment in infrastructure, Sue recognized the vulnerability and risk of having their entire IT system rest in the hands of two individuals.

Sue and her physician partners began evaluating outsourced IT management options. As part of their evaluation process, they established objectives to use as a measuring stick for project success.

Read CRSAL’s Netgain story to learn how they were able to achieve their business objectives.

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