Petya Ransomware Affecting Businesses Across the Globe

On Tuesday, June 27, a new wave of ransomware, known as Petya, started affecting Ukraine businesses with spillover to other countries including the USA. This new attack makes use of the same exploit as the WannaCry attack from last month.

Organizations that applied patches to protect against WannaCry are protected from this new attack, which means all Netgain clients are protected from this attack.

Who does this affect?

As with WannaCry, Petya affects any organization using a Windows-based software system that is not patched with one of the multiple patches released by Microsoft.

What is Netgain doing about this?

In March 2017 (months before WannaCry was released), Netgain had patched all private-cloud-based (hosted) resources in Netgain data centers, and had immediately verified continued protection of resources through our weekly vulnerability scans.

When WannaCry was released, Netgain staff verified subscriber workstation (endpoints) were protected via Netgain’s Endpoing Management Program. Those organizations who did not have the have the patch due to a variety of reasons received specific attention from Netgain staff to ensure patching was completed successfully.

As a result, Netgain has analyzed the vulnerabilities that Petya exploits and determined that no additional action is required to protect Netgain client environments.

What can I do about it?

  • Advise users: a) don’t click on e-mailed links from unknown senders; b) don’t visit non-work-related websites using organizational resources/equipment
  • Patch workstations not protected under your organization, including user-owned devices allowed to connect to organizational local area networks


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