Recognizing Our Most Important Resource: Our Team



Employee Appreciation Day was earlier this month, and we took the opportunity to show our Netgainers just how much we appreciate their work, loyalty, dedication and commitment to helping us advance the IT industry.

We wanted to share some of the fun photos from Employee Appreciation Day along with nine reasons we’re so appreciative of our Netgainers.

    1. Their innate geekiness
      There’s a stereotype about IT people that labels them as “IT nerds” or “IT geeks.” We appreciate the innate and genuine love of technology that our Netgainers have and believe that their “geekiness” makes them better technologists because they genuinely love what they’re doing in the IT industry.
    2. Their commitment to service
      Superior customer service is one of the reasons our clients tell us they love working with us and our Helpdesk Institute survey scores prove it. We are so grateful that Netgainers in every role throughout the company have a commitment and dedication to providing excellent customer service for our clients.
    3. Their love of coffee, Mountain Dew and other caffeinated motivators
      We keep the coffee brewing, the fridges stocked with Mountain Dew and the caffeinated beverages within arms-reach for our Netgainers. We’re grateful that a simple caffeinated beverage can power our Netgainers to be their best and provide the best to our clients.
    4. Their desire to improve
      Throughout each team at Netgain, there are Netgainers striving to learn more about the intricacies of technology and the role technology plays in our clients’ business operations. We have Netgainers who are certified in just about every area of IT including cybersecurity, virtualization, storage, Microsoft services and so many other areas. We’re so thankful that our Netgainers are driven to improve themselves and improve the services we provide to our clients.
    5. Their passion for technology
      We’re grateful that each Netgainer has a passion for technology that drives them to be better in their role and provide superior customer service for our clients. A passion for technology is so important at Netgain that it has become one of our core values and hiring criteria when we’re interviewing potential Netgainers.
    6. Their dedication to client success
      Netgain’s success lies in our clients’ success. Netgainers work hard to understand the issues our clients face and how they can contribute to helping those clients be successful. We’re grateful that our Netgainers understand their role in client success and have a drive to contribute to that success.
    7. Their unique personalities
      Each Netgainer has personality traits that lend themselves to unique talents within their role. Whether their personality color is red, green, yellow or blue, or their strength is analytical, expressive, amiable or driven, we are thankful for the unique talents that allow them to contribute uniquely to their team, our clients and our organization.
    8. Their love of having fun
      Whether it’s board game night, a paint party, running a 5K or playing video games together, Netgainers love having fun. We’re grateful for the relationships that develop among Netgainers and believe that having fun together adds to our corporate success and company culture.
    9. Their drive to innovate
      Netgainers have a drive to innovate that challenges the status quo and advances the healthcare and financial service industries. We appreciate that our Netgainers see opportunities to better the client experience and develop new services and solutions that add value for our clients.

    We could go on and on about why and how much we appreciate our Netgainers and their role in our client’s success as well as our own success. Netgainers make it possible for us to continue to advance the healthcare and financial IT industries, pushing the boundaries and delivering the superior client experience you’ve come to expect.