Redefining The MSP Human-Centric Client Experience In An Era Of Chatbots

AI and other new technologies are reshaping our landscape; not a day goes by that you don’t hear headline-grabbing news about machines overtaking humans.

However, from the client’s point of view, the prevalence of chatbots is making it increasingly hard to connect with an actual human. 

In a recent feature in MSP Insights, our CEO Sumeet Sabharwal redefines what it means to be an MSP that values and offers a human-centric client experience in the new era of chatbots.

He details the key differentiators between live tech support with humans and chatbots and how these elements elevate the client experience. Additionally, he shares the valuable and constructive KPIs that MSPs can use to measure the efficiency of client service:

1. Response time frame 
2. Resolution time frame 
3. First-call resolution 
4. Client satisfaction 

Ensuring the key elements of live support are consistent while tracking the above KPIs has resulted in Netgain’s support volumes increasing 32%, while our corresponding resolution time frames have dropped 31%. 

Closing out the article, Sabharwal shares that, “at the end of the day, regardless of how advanced AI-driven chatbots become, some level of human interaction will be required to both strike the right emotional connection and shape a personalized experience.”

Read the full article published on MSP Insights and get the framework on becoming a client-centric MSP:

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