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Netgain provides technology solutions that are solid, reliable, and proven, giving your organization peace of mind that your IT is taken care of. We are committed to being your trusted partner, removing the burden of IT by managing and maintaining your IT environment. Healthcare facilities similar to yours often take advantage of our Private Cloud hosting services. Our IT experts essentially become your IT department, and you can rest easy knowing that your technology is in experienced and capable hands.


Stabilize IT

With Netgain, you no longer need to purchase complex server and storage hardware or expensive Microsoft licenses. You simply provide your clinical applications and data and budget for only the services you need.


Access to IT

The people behind your technology is crucial. Netgain’s IT and support professionals are equipped with the experience and knowledge of your specific IT needs and fully committed to doing what it takes to exceed your expectations.


Fully Managed

Netgain simplifies healthcare IT by providing the management and ongoing maintenance of your IT environment. Our expert team understands how to navigate the unique technology challenges facing healthcare organizations.

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QuoteWith no in-house IT we need a highly skilled and knowledgeable partner that can help us manage the changing complexity of technology in our industry. Netgain has the expertise and staff to handle this for us. Plus their direct access customer service model ensures that our issues are handled in a timely manner.
–Ann Kuffel, France Avenue Family Physicians