Specialty application hosting
customized for you.
engineered for performance.
fully supported by us.
protected from cyberattacks.
completely backed up.
is just the beginning.

Specialty application hosting engineered to outperform most configurations

More Than Just Hosting

Many companies–including the application developers themselves–will host your specialty applications, but few IT partners can design a dedicated environment that is engineered to be faster and more secure than the out-of-the-box version. We’ll tailor your environment to meet your unique needs and work with your application vendor to support your applications.

We’ve built strategic relationships with many accounting and healthcare application providers, and with thousands of hours spent deploying and supporting these applications, we can anticipate and quickly resolve many of the technical issues that arise with your specialty applications.

Key Partnerships with Applications

Premium Application Support

Our support teams are deeply embedded in the applications we host, spending thousands of hours supporting clients. We have in-house experts who can quickly resolve even the most challenging problems.

Looking for specific applications? 

EHR Hosting

We host over 50 EHR platforms, including Allscripts, NextGen, Virence Health (formerly GE Healthcare) Centricity, Greenway, SRS, eMDs, eClinicalWorks and more


CPA Hosting

We host many of the top applications CPAs rely on, like QuickBooks and CCH. We’ve developed strong partnerships with these application providers to deliver premium hosting services.


Specialty Application Hosting Client Stories

Neighborhood Healthcare used a hosting provider to host their eClinicalWorks EHR and running the rest of their desktop applications internally. The infrastructure was not built to the minimum standards of their EHR provider, resulting in daily reports of performance degradation. With their hosting provider’s inflexible environment, Neighborhood Healthcare knew it was time to look for alternatives for their IT environment.

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EZClaim outsourced their application hosting and relied on their provider to handle any needs related to the hosting of their application. With the demand for EZClaim’s software growing, they needed to expand but they were experiencing issues and limitation with their hosting provider. It was time for EZClaim to look for a new hosting provider that could handle their growth and provide support they could rely on.

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