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In the evolving landscape of mid-sized and larger CPA firms, sponsor-backed platforms are driving consolidation of smaller, regional CPA firms. This consolidation aims to leverage economies of scale, enhance expertise, and expand portfolios to provide maximum value to clients, encompassing everything from consulting to tax advisory. Successful integration implies a time-boxed approach to both realizing the stated synergies without negatively impacting end-user productivity across the two firms.

For larger firms that have built integration expertise as a core competency, this is second nature. For the rest, it can introduce significant risks including financial and reputation if it is not managed efficiently. This is where Netgain steps in as a trusted partner, leveraging its extensive experience and industry expertise. By bringing a structured approach guided by a robust integration framework that spans across the people, process, technology, and cyber security dimensions, Netgain strives to ensure that the overarching M&A goals are realized efficiently.

Why Choose Netgain for Your Acquisition Needs?

Netgain specializes in assisting CPA firms through every stage of the acquisition and integration process. Our robust service offerings are designed to address the critical aspects of M&A, ensuring that your firm can seamlessly integrate new acquisitions while maintaining high standards of service and security.

Comprehensive Due Diligence Preparatory Service

Our Due Diligence Preparatory Service is the cornerstone of a successful acquisition. Netgain participates in upcoming due diligence exercises, bringing value and learning from the current processes. We develop a curated M&A Acquisition Playbook, incorporating industry best practices and Netgain’s robust onboarding tools.

Key Components of Our Playbook:

  • Onboarding Project Workbook and Detailed Project Plan Template: From kickoff to go live, ensuring no step is overlooked.
  • Target Firm CPA Application Discovery: Extensive resources to streamline discovery.
  • Firm Environment & Device Discovery: Comprehensive tools to record and analyze the existing infrastructure.
  • Automated Data Discovery Tool: Collects critical data when automated tools are permitted.
  • User/Application Matrix & Networking Discovery Process: Detailed mapping and planning to facilitate integration.
  • Security Questionnaire & Backup/Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Discovery: In-depth assessments to identify and mitigate risks.

Thorough Due Diligence Service

Netgain takes the reins to perform due diligence on acquisition targets using our established M&A Acquisition Playbook. We provide detailed and actionable insights.


  • Summary Level Assessment for the Target Client: A clear overview of findings.
  • Detailed Due Diligence Report: Comprehensive discovery data and a project plan with time and cost estimates.

Efficient Migration Service

Our Migration Service ensures that the transition is smooth and efficient. Following the Due Diligence Report and Project Plan, Netgain executes migration tasks using best practices honed over hundreds of CPA firm implementations.

Specialized Line of Business Application – Data Importing/Migration

Netgain offers specialized data migration services, including “Same to Same” and “In Application Type” migrations. This involves:

  • Collaboration with SMEs & Software Vendors: To ensure data integrity and functionality in the new environment.
  • Data & Application Alignment: Managing changes to fit your firm’s workflows.

M&A Azure Infrastructure Support

Netgain provides M&A Azure Infrastructure Support to expedite the decommissioning of data centers and manage multiple M&A projects simultaneously. This includes:

  • Setting Up a Segregated Azure Environment: For “lift and shift” operations.
  • Application Management and Support: For all applications, including unfamiliar ones.
  • Flexibility: Services available as needed, with Azure tenant decommissioning post-migration.

The Critical Need for IT Due Diligence

In the midst of these acquisitions, IT departments are navigating an overflowing plate of priorities around innovation, global expansion, and supporting an associated global base of users and cybersecurity. As a result, diligence of the IT assets and security posture of the target firm can become an afterthought, creating significant pain and security risks downstream. Netgain’s expertise ensures that these critical elements are addressed proactively, minimizing risks, and facilitating a seamless integration.

Partnering with Netgain

CPA firms looking to navigate the complexities of acquisitions will find a reliable partner in Netgain. Our expertise and tailored services ensure that every aspect of the acquisition process is handled with precision and care. By leveraging Netgain’s comprehensive solutions, your firm can focus on growth and integration, leaving the technical and logistical challenges to us.

For more information on how Netgain can support your firm’s acquisition strategy, contact Netgain. Partner with us to streamline your acquisition process and drive your firm’s success.

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