Superior support
keeps employees productive.
resolves issues faster.
is a lost art.
gives instant access to top techs.

Fast access to expert IT support. Your business depends on it.

Focused Support Teams

Netgain has organized itself into teams of IT specialists with both the breadth of expertise and depth of focus in specific areas, such as the specialized applications that you use that are unique to your specialty. You build a close relationship with a client support team that knows your needs—much like if you built your own in-house IT team.

IT issues don’t work bankers’ hours. Whether it’s a network outage due to a local utility crew cutting the wrong wire, a natural disaster that crashed the system or a hacker trying to penetrate the perimeter, we’re here when you need us and are ready to assist if emergencies arise. Even if it’s 3:00 am.

24/7 Emergency Support

Dedicated Advisor

We get to know you and help you anticipate opportunities that can give you an edge on your use of IT. A dedicated manager, who becomes familiar with your needs and works on your behalf, will prepare a roadmap and make suggestions for improvements that can have a positive impact on your organization.

You get a dedicated, cross-functional team of experts familiar with your environment. Your dedicated account manager is your primary point person on a team comprised of Support, Network Operations, System Operations, Implementation and Project Management personnel.

Your Client Care Team

Support Staff Who Care

At Netgain, you’ll experience a team that genuinely cares. We communicate openly and in a timely manner, and give full respect to everyone we serve. Our Support team takes the time to listen and understand what our clients are saying, and provide responses that are easy to understand, regardless of users’ technical knowledge.

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