Tech Gifts for the Tech Geek



Do you have a technology guru in your life that is always hard to buy for? Or maybe you are that technology guru that’s hard to buy for? We have a full team of those at Netgain. I recently checked in with members of our technology team members to ask them what they see as the top tech gifts this year. With the average American spending $781 on Christmas gifts this year, some of these tech gifts could tip the scale.

Here’s what they said:

1. Google Chromecast Ultra
Perhaps one of the most coveted items this holiday season for technology and entertainment lovers alike is Google’s Chromecast Ultra, a streaming device that boasts 4k ultra HD streaming with DVR – all at a relatively attractive price – $69. Greg Brown, support team lead at Netgain, loves that the Chromecase Ultra merges features and benefits from all his favorite devices – TV, smartphone, tablet, computer and notebook.

2. Google Home
Another item on Greg’s wishlist is Google Home. This voice-activated speaker serves as your home’s personal assistant – and who doesn’t need one of those, right? By simply speaking, you can set an alarm, schedule an appointment in your calendar, look up fun facts or control settings in your home.

3. Raspberry Pi 3
David O’Keefe, director of professional services at Netgain, puts the Raspberry Pi 3 at the top of his list. This credit card sized computer was developed for education but became a wild success because of its low cost and versatility. The Raspberyy Pi 3 combined with Kodi makes a great home theater setup, allowing for streaming of your local digital content to any device in your home.

4. M.2 SSD drive
Who has a need for speed? Fulfill that need with the newest and best Solid State Disk drive, M.2 SSD. This drive mounts directly to the motherboard and provides performance boosts that technology geeks dream of. Charles Killmer, Netgain’s security officer, loves the M.2 SSD drive for its “blazing-fast read and write speeds and significant improvement over other SSD drives.”

5. Smartphone Projector
Nicole Ruehle, a support team lead at Netgain, loves the idea of being able to take the projector on family trips without being limited by cords or machines. “I would love to use my phone to watch movies anywhere and share it with friends and family without needing to use electricity,” Nikki says. Leave the laptop behind and transform a smartphone into a presentation tool with this projector. This wireless projector easily connects to iPads or smartphones, making it perfect for your home theatre or to take on the go.

6. HD Camera Drone
Drones were the gift to give last year and that’s not changing. Clint Lentner, a solutions architect at Netgain, recommends a drone with an HD camera. The drone captures pristine aerial photos and footage, allowing you to take your love of photography to the next level. “Drones are a great way to share a different perspective of the world with my kids,” Clint says.

As for our favorite gift for our technology-loving friends? Well, we can’t help but love this stereotypical coffee cup.

Still in search of the perfect gift? Our technology team members recommend that you check out for more ideas. We’d love to hear your favorite technology gifts. Share them on our Facebook page.